To integrate academic, financial, estate and human resource planning and policy making, and advise Court and Senate on long-term strategic objectives. To monitor the operational performance of the University and advise Senate and Court on performance matters as required.

This includes:

  • monitoring the implementation of strategies agreed by Court, including reviewing all Business Plans associated with strategic projects
  • monitoring the University’s Health and Safety performance
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the University’s risk management processes and reviewing the risk register biannually
  • making recommendations to Court on the University’s Annual Budgets and Financial Forecasts
  • making recommendations to the Court regarding the University’s Capital Plan and its implementation
  • to approve proposed expenditure outwith the agreed revenue and capital budget with a value between £1 million to £5 million
  • monitoring the University's financial performance and approving additional expenditure on approved projects within a tolerance threshold of up to the lesser of 10% or £1 million
  • monitoring performance of the implementation of University’s capital projects and receiving reports from the Capital Programme Management Committee
  • overseeing cash management, borrowing policies and compliance with banking covenants and ensuring compliance with the Financial Memorandum
  • overseeing the management and performance of the University’s investments
  • monitoring the performance of the University’s spin-out/joint venture companies
  • overseeing the creation, dissolution or sale of University subsidiary companies
  • approving University staffing and development policies and staff terms and conditions of employment
  • approving the strategy for the setting of University tuition fees
  • monitoring the University’s performance across financial and HR performance, student recruitment and admissions, and all other matters necessary for strategy delivery
  • overseeing institutional equality and diversity issues.
Composition & Membership


Four independent members of the Court (including the Chair), appointed by Court on the recommendation of the Governance & Nominations Committee (independent being defined as external to, and not employed or remunerated by, the University).

The Chair of the Board to be an independent member of Court and appointed by Court on the recommendation of the Governance Committee but not being the Senior Governor of Court (or Chair, should the position of the Rector as Chair be changed).

A Senate Assessor

A staff member of Court (who is not a Senate Assessor and who may be another elected staff member of Court or trade union nominated member of Court)

A Students’ Association Nominated Member of Court

Ex officio:The Principal (or Senior Vice-Principal if not otherwise a member of the Board as alternate with agreement of Chair) and one other member of the Senior Management Team

In attendance: University Secretary, Senior Vice-Principal (if not otherwise members)

Other Senior Administrative Officers to be in attendance as required

Quorum: 50% of formal membership (including Chair)

Account to be taken of Equality and Diversity in membership



  • Ms A Minto (Court Member)

Court Members

  • Professor N Booth
  • Mr J Hall
  • Ms L Menzies
  • Ms A Minto
  • Mr D MacFarlane (with effect from 1.01.19)

Senate Assessor

  • Professor M Delibegovic/Dr R Shanks (Job Share)

A staff member of Court

  • Mr D Watts

A Students' Association Nominated Member of Court

  • Mr L Ogubie(President, Students’ Association)

Ex Officio

  • Professor G Boyne
  • Professor K Leydecker
  • Mrs C Inglis


Agenda and Minutes

Operating Board Agenda, Papers and Minutes

The Operating Board Agenda is made available here prior to the meeting of the Operating Board to which it relates, or on request to the Clerk to the Operating Board.

Operating Board Papers are made available following the meeting of the Board to which they relate.

It should be noted that Minutes will be published after they have been approved at the following Operating Board meeting and are, therefore, not liable to be amended. Whilst it wishes to make Minutes as widely available as possible, the University is concerned not to inhibit discussion at its committees, and, therefore, occasionally, Minutes may have sections removed (redacted) for reasons of confidentiality. In these instances, a note will be inserted indicating that the Minute has been edited on the grounds of confidentiality.

If you wish to see previous Minutes of Operating Board meetings, please contact the Clerk in the first instance on 01224 273239.

All documents are in PDF format.

Clerk to the Operating Board:

Ms Ruth MacLure
Telephone: 01224 273239