International Advisory Group



To be a small, efficient sub-group of SMT with others in attendance. The IAG considers new transnational project proposals on behalf of SMT and may itself approve smaller projects such as those likely to involve only a single school, small number of students etc. However, all decisions of IAG are routinely reported to SMT for note, with more complex or risky proposals that IAG is nevertheless minded to support being passed to SMT for approval.


Remit to be reviewed annually at first meeting of committee cycle

Responsible for the initial consideration and decision on all new transnational project proposals.

Reporting Line/Parent Committee and Interface with Other Committees

Formal reporting line:

  • Senior Management Team

Parent committee:

  • Senior Management Team

Interface with other committees:

  • International Partnerships Committee

Frequency and Timing of Meetings

The International Advisory Group will meet as required and at least once between each meeting of the International Partnerships Committee

Membership and Composition

Membership and Composition


  • Prof. Richard Wells



Membership (2020-21)


Richard Wells

Vice-Principal (Global Student Recruitment)

Alan Speight

Vice-Principal (Education)

Ruth Taylor

Dean of International Partnerships and Progression

Harminder Battu

Director of Finance (or nominee)

Scott Sinclair

Director of External Relations (or nominee)

Jenny Fernandes

Transnational Manager

Stephen Hill


Vimal Subramanian

Any other appropriate staff member as may be required.

In attendance: With the agreement of the Chair, other staff, students or stakeholders, as required.

Quorum: 50% of formal membership (including Chair)