University Research Committee

University Research Committee

Remit of the University Research Committee (formerly known as the Research Policy Committee prior to session 2022/23)

  • Developing and driving strategy across the University’s research activities to meet institutional targets and Strategic Plan Performance Indicators
  • Monitoring and review of the effectiveness of the University’s Research KPIs 
  • Oversight of research risk management including assurance as to health and safety matters relating to research activities
  • Oversight of institutional outcome and developing submission strategy and monitoring of preparations for Research Excellence Framework and other research performance exercises
  • Oversight of research ethics and governance issues; consideration of reports/recommendations received from the Institutional Ethics Group
  • Providing strategic direction for the University’s Impact agenda (academic and non-academic) as defined across the sector (e.g. REF and UKRI) and promotion of good practice and development of impact KPIs   
  • Receiving reports from Panel Research Committees on significant research activities within the Schools
  • Monitoring and review of impact of research investment and identifying new areas for strategic investment to match institutional priorities
  • Monitoring success of research grant applications to external income programmes and overhead cost recovery
  • Oversight of equality and diversity issues relating to research
  • Oversight of Graduate School; development and review of policies relating to doctoral training
  • Oversight of institutional responses to external research consultations and initiatives
Composition and Membership


The University Research Committee is composed as follows:


Professor N Forsyth, Vice-Principal (Research)


  • Professor S Martin, Director of Research, School of Biological Sciences
  • Professor K Bender, Director of Research, Business School
  • Professor J Kallestrup, Director of Research, School of Divinity, History and Philosophy
  • Professor M Clarke, Director of Research, School of Education
  • Professor B Rea, Director of Research, School of Geosciences
  • Professor E Chadwick, Director of Research, School of Engineering
  • Dr S Pugh, Director of Research, School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture 
  • Professor A Brown, Director of Research, School of Law
  • Vacancy, Director of Research, School of Natural and Computing Sciences
  • Professor A Hunt, Director of Research, School of Psychology
  • Professor C Wallace, Director of Research, School of Social Science
  • Professor I Stansfield, Director of Research, School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition
  • Professor M Macleod, Dean for Impact and Engagement
  • Professor B Tatler, Dean for People, Cultuer and Environment
  • Professor N Oren, Dean for Knowledge and Understanding
  • Professor S Piertney, Dean for Postgraduate Research
  • Dr G Hunt, Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences (Early Career Researcher representative)
  • Dr S Jalili, Research Fellow, School of Engineering (Early Career Researcher representative)
  • Ms S Ahonen, Postgraduate Research Student, School of Psychology

(or designated deputies)

In attendance

  • Director of Research & Innovation
  • University Librarian
  • Director of Digital & Information Services
  • Representative of the School Administration Managers
  • Research Policy & REF Manager
  • Officers, as appropriate

Clerk: Mrs D Foster, Research Policy & Governance Officer

Agendas and Minutes

Session 2023-24

Session 2022-23

Session 2021-22