Academic Policy and Regulations Group (APRG)

Academic Policy and Regulations Group (APRG)



A meeting of the Academic Policy and Regulations Group will be held on Monday 21 August 2023 at 3.35pm via Microsoft Teams.

Miss Megan Smith, Administrative Officer

Clerk to the Academic Policy and Regulations Group




1. Approval of the Minute of the Previous Meeting (APRG/210823/001)
2. Matters Arising and Action Log (Oral Item)
3. Quality Code Section 6: External Expertise (APRG/210823/002)
  Members of the Group are invited to consider the updates made to Section 6 of the Quality Code.
4. Policy and Procedures on Student Absence (APRG/210823/003)
  Members of the Group are invited to consider the amendments to the Policy and Procedures on Student Absence.
5. Date of Next Meeting  
  The next meeting of the Group will be held on Wednesday 13 September at 2:05pm via Microsoft Teams.

Any member of the Committee wishing an item for routine approval or for information to be brought forward for discussion may ask at the meeting for that to be done.  Any such item will be taken after item 1.


Declaration of interests: Any member and individual in attendance (including Officers) who has a clear interest in a matter on the agenda should declare that interest at the relevant meeting, whether or not that interest is already recorded in the Registry of Member’s interests.



Previous Agendas
2022 - 2023

The Academic Policy and Regulations Group shall:

  • Be responsible, on behalf of the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC), for the development and regular review of University educational policy and regulations relating to undergraduate, postgraduate taught and taught elements of postgraduate research provision and for referring new policy and revisions to existing policies to QAC for approval;
  • Ensure that the University’s education policies and regulations align with the QAA Quality Code, the wider Academic Infrastructure, legal compliance (e.g. equality, diversity and inclusion) and other external reference points, as appropriate;
  • Ensure that new policy and regulations are effectively communicated to all relevant stakeholders in a suitably accessible way for the different audiences; 
  • Undertake such other functions as may be referred to the Committee by the Quality Assurance Committee.

Members’ Responsibilities:

Each member of the committee will contribute actively to discussions to inform the development, implementation and review of University policies and regulations.

Composition and Membership

 Chair: Dr Gillian Mackintosh

Clerk: Megan Smith



Chair:   Head of Quality



Four academic members, drawn from the Quality Assurance Committee, ensuring an appropriate disciplinary spread.

Two representatives nominated by the President of the Students’ Association.


In attendance:    

Clerk (Academic Services)

Acting Assistant Registrar (Academic Services)


Quorum:                          50%

Head of Quality and Chair Gillian Mackintosh
Dean of Quality Steven Tucker
Member of Quality Assurance Committee Faye Hendry
Member of Quality Assurance CommitteeI Isabel Crane
Member of Quality Assurance Committee tbc
Member of Quality Assurance Committee tbc
Vice Presidence for Education (AUSA) Akua Serwaa Agyeman
Representative (AUSA) tbc
In Attendance
Acting Assistant Registrar (Academic Services) Liam Dyker
Clerk Megan Smith


2022 - 2023
2022 - 2023