Design HOPES (Online Talk hosted by the Interdisciplinary Institute and NHS Grampian)

Design HOPES (Online Talk hosted by the Interdisciplinary Institute and NHS Grampian)

This is a past event

We are pleased to host an online talk from Professor Paul Rodgers, University of Strathclyde, introducing the Design HOPES Green Transition Ecosystem (GTE) Hub, a new two-year transdisciplinary research project that exploits the potential of ‘design-led thinking and making’ to innovate and tackle multifaceted health delivery challenges to meet urgent Net Zero goals for a sustainable health and social care system.

The impact of climate change on global health is the most significant threat of the 21st Century. Our planet's natural systems are inextricably linked to human health and the climate emergency poses a health emergency that must be addressed. The vision of Design HOPES aligns with the NHS Scotland Climate Emergency and Sustainability Strategy and aims to generate tangible outcomes in products, services, and policies that promote sustainability relevant to buildings and land, travel, care, communities, and digital design. Taking an urban living laboratory approach, the project seeks to emphasise prevention, patient empowerment and self-care, eliminate waste, drive lean clinical pathways, and develop low-carbon alternatives across Scotland’s health and social care provision highlighting that “good health and social care is environmentally sustainable care”.

About Design HOPES: Led by: Prof. Paul Rodgers, University of Strathclyde and Prof. Mel Woods, University of Dundee, Design HOPES (Healthy Organisation in a Place-based Ecosystem, Scotland) aims to advance societal understanding of design’s impact as well as the opportunities, barriers, behaviour changes and tools needed to transition the health sector to a green approach. This project will create new opportunities to support both existing services and new design-led health innovations in collaboration with NHS Boards across Scotland, the Scottish Government, patient and public representatives, health and social care partners, the third sector, academia and industry. Design HOPES aims to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence, promoting and embedding best practice through collaborative design-led thinking and making approaches to build a more equitable and sustainable health and social care system.

Paul is a distinguished academic at the Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management Department at the University of Strathclyde. With a background in design and innovation, Paul has made significant design-led contributions in health and social care contexts. Paul’s work looks to empower students and professionals alike to create more socially and environmentally responsible solutions for a better future.

Mel is a Professor of Creative Intelligence at the University of Dundee; her research intersects design, technology, and society. She has led major sustainability programmes in the UK and Europe, using data and design insights to democratise decision-making and action to collectively tackle climate change. Her goal is to inspire positive transformation in the world.

Professor Paul Rodgers, University of Strathclyde
The Rowett Institute Boardroom

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