Physiology Friday!

Physiology Friday!

Come along to the Suttie Centre to celebrate the contribution of Physiology to medical advances and biomedical science research.

 Laboratories from the Institute of Medical Sciences are staging hands-on demonstrations to mark national Physiology Friday, sponsored by The Physiological Society. We invite you to see how to record vital functions of the brain, heart and lungs, learn how to stimulate nerves and muscles, and understand more about factors affecting obesity.

Come along to see hands on demonstrations of how your body works:

'Get Moving' - how muscles move

'See what you think' - record your brain activity

'Have a heart' - ECG heart recordings

'Breathe easy' - test your lungs

'Fight the flab' - muscle or fat? feel the difference?

'Two heads are better than one' - regenerating worms

'You don't look well' - latest human patient simulator

Hosted by
University of Aberdeen Institute of Medical Sciences
Suttie Centre for Teaching and Learning in Healthcare

Drop in event, no booking required