Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Dr Dimitrios Anagnostakis

Research interests: Transatlantic relations, European Union and internal security (justice and home affairs - JHA), relations between the European Union and the United States, cybersecurity, terrorism and counterterrorism, international security.

Professor Mervyn Bain

Research interests: International relations, foreign policy, asymmetry within international relations, post-Soviet legacies, economic and development issues, Cold War geopolitics, Latin America, Cuba, Russia and the Soviet Union.

Dr Philippe Beauregard

Research interests: International politics; political psychology; leadership; cooperation; security; environmental politics; emotions; personality; transatlantic security community; interventions; intrastate conflicts; qualitative methods, foreign policy analysis.

Dr Lynn Bennie

Research interests: Political participation, party membership and electoral behaviour; democracy and political representation; party adaptation and change; multi-level politics with focus on Scotland and UK; social movements and green politics.

Dr Tom Bentley

Research interests: Collective memory and memory studies, colonial discourse and postcolonial theory, political apologies.

Dr Bennett Collins

Research interests: Environmental, energy, and climate governance; Environmental and land-use ethics and  communication; Place and displacement; Social movements and activism; Transitional justice; Truth-seeking & historical dialogue processes; Critical human rights and collective rights. 

Dr Natasha Danilova

Research interests: Critical military studies and Feminist IR; gender and war; politics of war memory; art, aesthetics and war; militarisation and militarism; society-military relations; veterans’ politics; heroes and heroism, identity politics in the UK; regional politics and (in)securities in Russia and other post-Soviet Eurasian states.

Dr Stuart Durkin

Research interests: Nationalism and ethnic politics, terrorism, conflict resolution and peace and human rights education policy.

Professor Ian Greener

Research interests: Comparative health and welfare systems; health policy; historical institutionalism; history and welfare; video games.

Dr Malcolm Harvey

Research interests: Scottish politics, constitutional politics, devolution and constitutional change, multi-level governance, referendums and consultations.

Dr James Johnson

Research interests: Strategic studies; artificial intelligence and future warfare; great power strategic competition; deterrence theory and strategic stability; nuclear weapons; and nuclear non-proliferation and arms control issues.

Dr Manu Lekunze

Research interests: International Security; Maritime Security; US-Africa Relations; National Security in Africa; Political Economy; The Post-Colonial State; Post-Brexit UK-Africa Relations; Military Organisational Strategy; Security Governance and Policy; Social Cohesion; Complexity Science.

Dr Joanne McEvoy

Research interests: Ethnic conflict, post-conflict institutional design, power-sharing, external actors and peacebuilding.

Dr Samantha May

Research interests: Religion and the Public Sphere, Political Islam, post-secularism, Critical Counter-terrorism, Faith-based charity, Gender and International Political Economy.

Dr Judith Sijstermans

Research interests: Political parties; nationalism; populism; Western Europe; Scotland; United Kingdom; European Union; transnational networks.

Professor Michael Smith

Research interests: International security; international cooperation/organization/institutions; conflict resolution; social/experiential learning; regional integration/governance; Europe/European Union; the international politics of science/technology.

Dr Digdem Soyaltin Colella

Research interests: Good governance and anti-corruption policy, global governance of corruption, EU and fight against corruption, politics of corruption, mechanisms of state capture, autocratic bureaucracies, illiberal governance, Turkish politics,  Southeast European politics.

Dr Ezel Tabur

Research interests: Immigration, asylum, migration and development, European Union, EU Neighbourhood Policy, EU Policymaking.

Dr Kathrin Thomas

Research interests: Research methods, public opinion, survey methodology, comparative politics, elections and voting, political participation, political psychology.

Dr Ritu Vij

Research interests: Political Economy; Social Theory; International Political Theory; Precarity and Affect; Postcolonial theory; Informality and Subalternity; Aesthetics and Politics; Temporality and Politics; Global Studies: South and East Asia (India, Japan).

Dr Anders Widfeldt

Research interests: Political parties, party organisations, Nordic politics and the European extreme right.

Dr Ilia Xypolia

Research interests: Middle Eastern Politics and History; Imperialism, Nationalism, Eurocentrism, Orientalism; Global Politics of Human Rights; The politics of numbers and global benchmarking.