Mohd Fordaus Abdu Jabber

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Lisdey Espinoza Pedraza  Linking Security, Democracy and Stability: Institutionalising Mexico’s Political Party System

Gabriela Garcia Garcia  The (de) Securitisation of Refugees and Asylum seekers in the Andean Region: between Restrictive and Liberal Approaches

Saerom Han

Lucas Hawke  The Effects of the Cocaine Trade on Insurgent Operations

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Sarah Hynek  Democracy, Violence, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Post-Revolutionary Egypt: rethinking categories of thought and action through discourse

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Asja Muir

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Brin Najzer  Hybrid war – a new form of warfare?”

Maria Njaim  The European Union Response to Refugee Crisis of the Arab Spring-  Role and Challenges of EU Member States and EU Institutions in the EU Asylum System

Mark Okowa

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Piyathip Saeng-Ngerm  Neoliberalism, Economic Interdependence and Northern Border Trade: A Case Study on the Relationship between Thailand and Laos

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Osundu Ugochukwu  Why some states are so reticent to apologise for past atrocities

Lotje Van Uhm  Politics of emotions

Beth Wallace  Gender in Praxis: Refugee Governance within the EU

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