The Anthropology Seminar Series

The Department of Anthropology's Seminar Series is a regular opportunity to engage with a variety of scholars from around the world. Currently hosted online, the Seminar Series takes place on Thursdays, 3-5pm, unless otherwise specified. The calendar is below.

For further details about any of the sessions, please click the links in the sidebar to the subpages related to Abstracts and Archives. 

28th October

Professor David Anderson (University of Aberdeen)

Terrestrial and Spiritual Imaginaries in Siberian Land-Rights Discourse

4th November

Dr Stéphane Aubinet (University of Oslo)

Lullabies and Sámi infant's songs

18th November

Dr Kirsty Kernohan (University of Aberdeen)

The countess’ diaries and taonga Māori: Twenty-first century collaborations around nineteenth century collecting.

25th November

Dr Dmitry Arzyutov (University of Oulu)

Traces on the Tundra Skin: Politics and Ontologies of Conservation in the Soviet Arctic

2nd December

Dr Miranda Sheild Johansson (University College London)

The Fiscal Production of Informality: Paying Tax to Build Non-State Communal Worlds in Highland Bolivia

9th December

Dr Brenda Mathijssen (University of Groningen)