Seminar Series

Seminar Series

The Anthropology Seminar Series

All seminars take place on Thursdays 1500-1700

In Edward Wright Building F61

and online

1 February 2024               Emily Ruiz Puerta, University of Groningen

A reconstruction of the historic walrus ivory trade.

8 February 2024               Ka-Kin Cheuk, University of Southampton

                                         Money circulations and textile exports from China to Dubai through Indian diasporic connections

15 February 2024            Anne Allison, Duke University

       Grieving One-self: Mortuary Care for Social Singles in Japan

22 February 2024            PhD student presentations: 

                                   Alice Cusan: “Unpacking the Collection: Ethnographic research exploring How Italian Museums Care for and Curate Human Remains.”

                                   Faith Decontie:  'Indigenising Policy Practices'. 

                                   Chengen Li: 'Art Museums and the Making of Ethnography: Art as an Anthropological Methodology”.

                                   Cristina Raluca-Douglas: 'Follow the dog: A more-than-human approach to institutional dementia care'

29 February 2024            Matthew Machin-Autenrieth,  University of Aberdeen

 Music, Protest and the Politics of Cultural Memory at the Día de la toma in Granada’

14 March 2024                 Fernanda Pirie, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford

 Law and the challenge of anthropological comparison

21 March 2024                 Lotte Segal, University of Edinburgh

                                          The Ties that bind - Weaving violence and belonging in the wake of torture

28 March 2024                 Sabine Parrish, University of Aberdeen

 “They eat biscuits so that they don’t go hungry”: London mothers’ aspirations and realities for family food practices 

25 April 2024                    Jeanette Lykkegård Nielsen,

                                          Feeding the Gi’rgir: exploring life and death through human-reindeer-ancestor relations among the Chukchi in Northern Kamchatka


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