Department of Anthropology Seminar Series

Seminars take place on Thursdays 3-5pm in New King's 14 (note room change). Refreshments will be served. All welcome!

Thursday 26 January
Annabel Pinker, James Hutton Institite
Tinkering with turbines: Ethics, experimentalism, and energy decentralization in Scotland

Thursday 2 February
Tim Ingold, University of Aberdeen
Education in a minor key

Thursday 9 February
PhD presentations:
Gioia Barnbrook
Tamara Ranspot
Elishka Stirton

Thursday 16 February
Lena Rockhill, University of Cambridge
On the periphery: The state, remote families and the production of marginality in the Russian Far North

Thursday 23 February
PhD presentations:
Catherine Munro
Erin Consiglio
Paula Schiefer

Thursday 2 March
Salma Siddique, University of Aberdeen
Object relations: Fieldwork from the therapy room to classroom

Thursday 9 March
Madeleine Reeves, University of Manchester
Solving for time: Synchronizing existential and bureaucratic horizons in migrant Moscow

Thursday 16 March
Elizabeth Hsu, University of Oxford
History in the body: the Yijin jing 易筋經 (The Canon for Supple Sinews) of 1624

Thursday 23 March
Maggie Bolton, University of Aberdeen