Department of Anthropology Seminar Series - 2018/19

Seminars take place on Thursdays 3-5pm in Edward Wright F61.
Refreshments will be served. All welcome!

Thursday 17 January
Peter Loovers, University of Lapland
Lines of procurement - lines on the land

Thursday 24 January    
Martin A. Mills, University of Aberdeen
Foundations of an anarchist anthropology.

Thursday 31 January    
Chuck Sturtevant,
University of Aberdeen
The hill at rhe end Of The world: How projects that produce "The State" resist uncertainty

Thursday 7 February    
Callum Pearce,
University of Aberdeen
The night side of Zanskar: Spirits, landscape and the uncanny

Thursday 14 February  
David Gellner, University of Oxford
Ghosts of hierarchies past: Disasters, responsibilities, and blame in Nepal

Thursday 21 February  
No seminar.

Thursday 28 February  
Rob Wishart,
University of Aberdeen
Where is the real trap? Domination and mutualism in Mackenzie Valley Dene sensibilities about trapping and industrial development

Thursday 7 March
Laura Watts, University of Edinburgh

Stories and Fables (SF) from Orkney: Speculative futures after long term ethnographic fieldwork

Thursday 14 March     
Jeff Oliver, Department of Archaeology,
University of Aberdeen
A historiography of indigenous archaeology in British Columbia

Thursday 21 March      
Gertrude Saxinger,
Polar Research Institute, Austria
Multivocality and re-centring a resource frontier: Mining in a northern Tutchone community

Thursday 28 March     
Tom McKean, Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen
Knowing by doing and the making of social resilience