University of Aberdeen Concert Series: Chamber Choir Ireland

University of Aberdeen Concert Series: Chamber Choir Ireland

This is a past event

Join Ireland's premier choral ensemble for an evening of music in the King's College Chapel

Sound Festival at the University of Aberdeen - 25/10/2023 to 29/10/2023


Thomas Tallis            Lamentations

David Fennessy         Letter to Michael

Rhona Clarke             Requiem

Cassandra Miller       The City, Full of People UK PREMIÈRE


Ireland's premier choral ensemble sets a meditative scene with Tallis' Lamentations. David Fennessy's Letter to Michael reads the unsent letters of a desperate woman. Rhona Clarke's Requiem omits judgement, embracing perpetual light. Cassandra Miller's The City, Full of People, inspired by the opening Lamentations, closes the concert in a ‘cacophony of private secrets’.


Attendance is free for all students. 

Students should bring a valid ID card as verification of status.

Other prices can be found on the Sound Festival Website. 


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King's College Chapel