University of Aberdeen Concert Series: Three Plus One

University of Aberdeen Concert Series: Three Plus One

This is a past event

Join Phil Durrant, Lee Patterson, Bill Thompson, and Mark Wastell for an exploration of music.

Sound Festival at the University of Aberdeen - 25/10/2023 to 29/10/2023

Formed in 2018 to explore Pauline Oliveros’ approach to Deep Listening with drone-based improvised music, tonight’s concert features Phil Durrant (electric mandolin, amplified objects & electronics), Lee Patterson (amplified objects, devices & processes), Bill Thompson (Moog guitar & live electronics), and Mark Wastell (tam tam & metal percussion).

All of these musicians have performing together in different combinations since the mid 1990s and share a deep affinity for Oliveros’s Deep Listening approach to improvisation and music making. For Oliveros, listening was of central concern – not only to music, but to life. For her, it was more than just hearing, it was active and gave ‘attention to what is perceived both acoustically and psychologically...It allows age, experience, expectation and expertise to influence perception.” 

This evening’s concert will explore these ideas and others within a layered-based improvised context lasting approximately 45 minutes.

All listeners welcome.


Attendance is free for all students. 

Students should bring a valid ID card as verification of status.

Other prices can be found on the Sound Festival Website. 


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