'Arab-Andalusian Music and Flamenco: An Intercultural Dialogue'

'Arab-Andalusian Music and Flamenco: An Intercultural Dialogue'

This is a past event

Presentation and Workshop by the Spanish-Moroccan musician Suhail Serghini (invited from Granada) hosted by the University of Aberdeen

Music has the ability to transmit knowledge, skills and values intrinsic to the composer's culture, and at the same time it transmits emotions and feelings common to all cultures; for this reason it can be said that music is an adequate instrument for the establishment of an intercultural dialogue. We share the same space (planet earth) let's enjoy coexistence to enrich ourselves by relying on human values expressed through music.

In this dynamic workshop, Suhail Serghini will introduce participants to the intercultural relationship that has emerged between Arab-Andalusian music from Morocco and Spanish flamenco. Drawing on Suhail's trajectory as a musician and as a citizen of the world, participants will be introduced to music's interculturality through the prism of Andalusian history, geography and spirituality.

For an example of Suhail's workshops, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfke4ggu5Is

King's Pavilion

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