Core Staff

DR SILVIA CASINILecturer in Visual Culture

Dr CATHERINE JONES, Professor in English

Literature and sciences of the mind; history of emotions; acoustics and literature; technical innovation and the arts.

Dr BEN MARSDEN, Senior Lecturer, History of Science and Technology
BA (MA) (Cambridge) PhD (Kent)
Science and technology in Britain (18th and 19th centuries); the humanitarian movement and veterinary professionalization; science and music; food and history.

Dr LUCA MORETTI, Lecturer in Philosophy
Laurea (Pisa) MLitt (St Andrews), PhD (London)
Epistemology; formal epistemology; logic, metaphysics; philosophy of science.

Prof RALPH O’CONNOR, Chair in the Literature and Culture of Britain, Ireland and Iceland
BA (MA) (Cambridge), MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (Cambridge)
Literature and science in Europe and America since 1800; popularization of science since 1800; geology, evolution and religion.

Prof PATIENCE SCHELL, Chair in Hispanic Studies
BA (UCB), DPhil (Oxford)
The history of science (especially natural history), museums and friendship in nineenth-century Chile.

Dr ULRICH STEGMANN, Lecturer in Philosophy
Diplom-Biologie (Bremen), Dr. rer. nat. (Würzburg), MA, PhD (London)
Philosophy of biology; philosophy of mind and cognition; philosophy of science.

Doctoral Students (past and present)

Balint Kekedi, "Mechanisms and their significance with respect to scientific explanation and reduction" (supervisor: Catherine Wilson)

Daniel McShane, "Limitations of Materialism" (supervisor: Guido Bacciagaluppi)

Cameron Brown, "New Science, Antient Metaphysics: Lord Monboddo's Critique of Newton and Empiricism" (supervisor: Catherine Wilson)

Alistair Haggarty, "The Scottish Medical Community in London: 1850-1950" (supervisors: Marjory Harper and Ben Marsden)

Liz Neesam, "Medical Print and the Communication of Medical Knowledge in the Age of Improvement in Scotland (1750-1850)" (supervisors: Michael Brown and Ralph O'Connor)

Tanya Kenny, "Railways in WWI" (supervisors: Tony Heywood and Ben Marsden)

Eleanor Peters, domestic science institutes and the domestication of electricity

Ellen Packham, engineers and literature

Sandi Howie, Scottish veterinarian community

Johanna Rustler, railways and WWI

Associated Staff

Dr Maggie Bolton (Anthropology): science, technology and expertise, especially in South America; human-animal relations

Dr Brian Brock (Divinity): technology and ethics; theology and disability; medicine, humanity and inhumanity; religion and environmental practices

Prof Alison Brown (Anthropology): anthropology and material culture

Jenny Brown (Industry, Aberdeen Maritime Museum): industry, technology and medicine in the Aberdeen area

Dr Michael Brown (History / Irish and Scottish Studies): the Scottish and Irish Enlightenments

Prof Steve Bruce (Sociology): sociological approaches to secularization

Dr Laura Colucci-Gray (Education): from science education to sustainability education: interfaces between the epistemological reflection on science and pedagogical practice; use of interactive and participatory activities to deal with complex and controversial socio-environmental issues

Prof George M. Coghill (Computing Science): model-based systems, scientific discovery systems, philosophy of information, informational philosophy of science, philosophy of modelling

Prof Cairns Craig (English / Irish and Scottish Studies): late 19th- and early 20th-century Scottish scientific and philosophical thought

Dr Neil Curtis (Marischal Museum / Anthropology): history of museums; contemporary museology

Dr Elizabeth Curtis (Education): history of archaeology and antiquarianism in 19th-century public culture

Dr Andrew Dilley (History): history of political economy and empire

Dr JENNIFER DOWNES, Curator (Museums and Special Collections)
Early modern scientific instruments and print culture.

Dr Nick Fisher (emeritus, History & Philosophy of Science): Victorian culture and the Great Exhibition

Dr Karin Friedrich (History): early modern Northern intellectual networks

Prof Marjory Harper (History): mental illness and emigration in 19th- and 20th-century Scotland

Prof Tony Heywood (History): history of railways, especially in Russia

Dr Dee Hoole (honorary, History): history of medicine

Prof Hazel Hutchison (English): science in Victorian and early Modernist literature; nursing in the First World War

Prof David Inglis (Sociology): culture, society and nature; globalization

Prof Tim Ingold (Anthropology): human-animal relations; language, technology and skilled practice

Dr Adrienne Janus (English): literary avant-gardes and auditory technology

Dr Áine Larkin (French): photography and literature

Prof James Leach (Anthropology): creativity, knowledge production and ownership; art, science and collaboration; the development of new technologies and their implications for social form

Dr Alexandra Lewis (English): trauma narratives; literature and science, 1800 to present; history of medicine and psychology; fin-de-siècle Britain

Dr Andrew McKinnon (Sociology): energy and sociological theory

Dr Laura McMahon (Film): animals and the moving image

Prof William A. Naphy (History): early modern witchcraft and plague; history of sexuality and deviance

Dr Samantha Newington (History): Near Eastern creation-myths

Dr John Reid (Physics): scientific instruments, history of physical sciences and industry, especially in the Aberdeen area

Prof Robert Segal (Religious Studies): theories of myth and their history; religion and the social sciences

Dr David Smith (honorary, History): 20th-century British medicine, nutrition and food safety.

Prof Jane Stevenson (History): late-antique and mediaeval learning

Dr Alex Sutherland (History / Medical Humanities): history of medicine in Scotland; the Enlightenment and folk culture

Dr Will Tuladhar-Douglas (Religious Studies): interaction between ritual and technology in Buddhism; human-animal interactions

Dr Andrew Whitehouse (Anthropology): human-animal interactions; perceptions of nature

Dr Rhoda Wilkie (Sociology): sociology of human-animal interactions