Study Opportunities

Study Opportunities

For information on current relevant courses, and research postgraduate degrees, open the panels below.

Undergraduate Study

Undergraduate Course Information:

Separate departments provide a range of undergraduate courses in the field of History and Philosophy of Science (and related areas). These are based in different undergraduate programmes and their host departments. Please note that not all will run in every given year.

NOTE. The first two letters of the course code indicate which department runs and manages each course: HI = History, PH = Philosophy, CU = Cultural History (run by History), HS = History of Science (run by History), EL = English, AT = Anthropology

Level 1:

  • HS1001: The Scientific Revolution
  • HS1002: Making Modern Science 

Level 2:

  • PH2516 Philosophy of Science

Level 3:

  • PH3083 Philosophy of Biology
  • PH3076 Philosophy of Time
  • PH3580 Scientific Methodology
  • HI301J The Enlightenment in France, Britain and Ireland
  • HI303B Plague, Poison and Persecution c. 1348-1700
  • CU3513 Science and Religion in Historical Perspective
  • AT3518 Society and Nature
  • ME33HM History of Medicine for Medical Students (may also be taken by History honours students) 

Level 4:

  • PH4034 Philosophy of Physics
  • PH4038 Genes, Brains, and Evolution
  • EL45FA Fictional Futures: Apocalypse and Utopia in British Literature, 1870-1935
  • EL40HP Literature and Medicine
  • EL40BR Frankenstein to Einstein: Literature and Science
  • HI4015BM Cultures of Victorian Science & Technology
  • AT4512 Material Culture and Museums
Postgraduate Taught Courses

Postgraduate Course Information

CHPSTM has offered a range of level 5 courses, as part of taught MLitt programmes hosted by the departments of History, Philosophy and Anthropology. Not all these courses will be offered in any particular year.

  • CU5012 Writing the History of Science
  • CU5013 Narratives of Nature since 1800: Literature and Popular Science in Scotland and Beyond
  • HI551G Researching in History and Philosophy of Science (dissertation preparation course)
  • HI551C Witchcraft, Traditional Practices and the Rise of Protestant 'Culture'
  • HI551I The Enlightenment in Comparison: Scotland and Central Europe 1650-1800
  • PI5XXX The 'Book of Life' and the Rise of Molecular Biology
  • PH5XXX Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Science 1650-1800
  • AT5007/5507 Materials, Technology and Power in the Andean Region
  • AT5508 Curating an Exhibition
Postgraduate Study and Funding

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