Professor Marjory Harper

Professor Marjory Harper

Chair in History

Professor Marjory Harper
Professor Marjory Harper

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 274473
The University of Aberdeen School of Divinity, History and Philosophy
Crombie Annexe
Meston Walk
King's College
University of Aberdeen
Old Aberdeen
AB24 3FX
Room: 211
Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies
Humanity Manse
19 College Bounds
Old Aberdeen
AB24 3UG
Room HMA3
tel: 01224 274473

Research Interests

Professor Harper's research is primarily in the area of Scottish emigration in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly to Canada.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • HI 1012 Scotland's New Horizons, c.1690-1820
  • HI 1511 Scotland and the Modern Age: The 1820s to the Present
  • HI 3035/3535 The Highlands and Islands, 1850-1950
  • HI 3031/3531 Emigrants and Immigrants
  • HI 4015 Special Subject I: The Scot in Canada
  • HI 5011 The Scottish and Irish Diaspora
Further Info

Recent Articles

  • David Ditchburn and Marjory Harper, "Aberdeen and the Outside World" in Aberdeen before 1800: A New History (2002), pp.377-407
  • "Abraham and Isaac Ride the Range: British Images of the American West" in Journal of the West, vol. 40, no. 1, Winter 2001, pp 8-15.


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