Student Profile - Andrea de Costa

Student Profile - Andrea de Costa

What are lectures like?

Lectures are very informative and helpful. All lecturers welcome ideas and questions which is helpful for the other students. The slides will usually have all the major points on them and then these are uploaded onto MyAberdeen, which is an interactive website for all our courses.

What's the best thing about Aberdeen?

I would say the best thing is the fact everything is so close to each other. Getting around the city is just so easy. As well as this, Aberdeen has a student city feel to it; it has great nightlife and a good shopping centre. The beach is also great to go to on sunny days.

What is living in student accommodation like?

Living in student accommodation is the best experience and you'll never want to leave! It gives you the chance to meet lots of new people of the same age who are also starting out at university. Student accommodation is always in great locations as well, so it means that town and campus won't be too far away.

What three words would you use to describe Aberdeen?

Welcoming, exciting and friendly.