Laboratory teaching pods

Students in teaching environmentStudents in all degree programmes carry out practical experiments in our recently redesigned teaching laboratories. When designing the new labs, we thought about the best way to allow individual laboratory skills to develop yet encourage teamwork.

Working around 'pods' (as we call them), allows students to carry out experiments, chat with each other, swap ideas while at the same time using the computers to access the latest scientific developments.

Field Centres


The School of Biological Sciences uses a range of field centres throughout Scotland and elsewhere in the UK. The closest to the main campus is Oceanlab, which is our sub-sea research facility situated 20 Km north of Aberdeen. Students can get involved in research both at a local level in the Ythan estuary and North Sea or further afield in the Indian, Pacific or Southern Oceans.

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Lighthouse Field Station

The Lighthouse Field Station is situated on Cromarty firth. The research focuses mainly on sea mammals and sea birds and as well as getting involved in research, students on the Biodiversity field course work at the station as part of the course.

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In addition, the Bettyhill Field Centre is situated in the far north coast of mainland Scotland and is where students visit for the Plant Ecology and Taxonomy field course.

Cromarty lighthouse, Oceanlab and Bettyhill field centres