A central component of our research strategy is a programme of outreach activity designed to communicate the findings of our world leading research, engage with the stakeholders involved in, or affected by, the research, and facilitate future collaborations to further enhance our high impact research.

Our outreach programme involves a number of different strands:

  1. Talks and lectures to public audiences at key events through the year, participation in rolling CaféSci talk programmes, and ad hoc talks to community and interest groups
  2. Active engagement with the media through newspaper, television and magazine pieces
  3. Blogs for key research groups or events
  4. Visits to Schools to describe our research and enthuse the next generation of biological scientists
  5. Public demonstration and involvement sessions on core research activities such as bird ringing and bee keeping

Our students actively engage in public outreach activities to a range of different audiences through their courses, and volunteering opportunities. In Plant Biogeography (PL3004), students researched species growing in our Botanical Garden, and presented their posters at an evening event of the Friends of Cruickshank Botanical Gardens. In Animal Behaviour (ZO3510) students investigate one of four behaviour challenges (related to adaptation, causation, development or evolutionary history) and prepare a creative presentation for a general audience.

Students have the opportunity to present their work to the public during the university sponsored May Festival. Many students take advantage of local opportunities to engage with public outreach events, either through student societies, the Aberdeen Biodiversity Centre, or through activities that are linked to staff research alliances (e.g., MASTS).

Beyond school-based activities, the university offers training in science communication and provides structured support for students interested in becoming a STEM Ambassador