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  • Characterization and expression analysis of chemokine-like receptor 3 gene in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss

    Qi, Z., Zhang, Q., Holland, J. W., Gao, Q., Tafalla, C., Wang, X., Wang, T.

    Reviews in Fisheries Science, vol. 82, no. 4, pp. 613-622

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  • A thicker chorion gives ova of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) the upper hand against Saprolegnia infections

    Songe, M., Willems, A., Sarowar, M. N., Rajan, K., Evensen, O., Drynan, K., Skaar, I., Van West, P.

    Journal of Fish Diseases, vol. 39, no. 7, pp. 879-888

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • CK9, an ancient rainbow trout chemokine that attracts and regulates B lymphocytes, and macrophages

    Aquilino, C., Granja, A. G., Castro, R., Wang, T., Abos, B., Parra, D., Secombes, C. J., Tafalla, C.

    Fish & Shellfish Immunology, vol. 53, pp. 82

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  • Characterisation of transcription factors in rainbow trout potentially involved in dendritic cell maturation and activation

    Wang, J., Wang, T., Benedicenti, O., Collins, C., McCarthy, U., Wang, K., Secombes, C. J., Zou, J.

    Fish & Shellfish Immunology, vol. 53, pp. 74

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  • Differential effects of interleukin 6 and lipopolysaccharide on teleost B lymphocytes

    Abos, B., Wang, T., Castro, R., Leal, E., Luque, A., Havixbeck, J., Barreda, D., Secombes, C. J., Tafalla, C.

    Fish & Shellfish Immunology, vol. 53, no. SI, pp. 72

    Contributions to Journals: Abstracts

  • Disparate developmental patterns of immune responses to bacterial and viral infections in fish

    Castro, R., Jouneau, L., Tacchi, L., MacQueen, D. J., Alzaid, A., Secombes, C. J., Martin, S. A. M., Boudinot, P.

    Fish & Shellfish Immunology, vol. 53, pp. 92

    Contributions to Journals: Abstracts

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