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University of Aberdeen

Quadrat joint with Queens University Belfast

  • Aoife Gobbert
  • Delmar Diesel
MSc students
  • Stephanie Summers
Visiting students
  • Lucile Heib
  • Estelle Fleuret
  • Lena Coulet
  • Claire Guillen
  • Solenn Gouedard
Aberdeen students in China
  • Monica Trondrud
  • Chris Liechti
  • Stephanie Summers
  • Andrew
  • Elspeth Couper
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Former staff

This list of contacts contains details of all the ex-PhD students and post docs who have worked in the energetics group between 1988 and the present. This list excludes people who are still working here or who have left and come back again.

Sally Poppitt (PhD - 1985-1988)
Professor, Dept of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Sally is now Professor at the University of Aukland in New Zealand. She is also a director at the company Protemix.

Peter Webb (RA 1987-1988, PhD 1988-1991)

Regina McDevitt (PDRA 1991-1994)
Senior Scientific Officer, Avian Sciences Research Centre, SAC Achincruive, Ayr, Scotland.

Graeme Hays (PhD 1988-1991, PDRA 1991-1992)
Professor , Dept of Biological Sciences, University of Swansea, Wales,
Editor: Journal of Animal Ecology

Jenny McLean (PhD 1993-1997)
Lecturer, Temple Mount, SAC Achincruive, Ayr, Scotland. KA6 5HW

Abigail Entwistle (PhD 1993-1996)
Director of Science, Fauna & Flora International, Great Eastern House
Tenison Road, Cambridge CB1 2TT United Kingdom

web site:
Tel: + 44 (0) 1223 571000
Fax: + 44 (0) 1223 461481

Abi edited a book in 2000 on the priorities for conservation of mammalian diversity, available from CUP - link below

Priorities for the Conservation of Mammalian Diversity
Edited by Abigail Entwistle, Nigel Dunstone
Paperback (ISBN-13:9780521775366 | ISBN-10:0521775361)
DOI: 10.2277/0521775361

She also produced a 48 page booklet on habitat management for bats published by JNCC.

Habitat Management for Bats

A Guide for Land Managers, Land Owners and Their Advisors
Abigail C Entwistle et al

Tel:      +44 (0)1782 294000

After leaving Aberdeen Nadia spent 12 years as a field-based researcher studying a variety of mammals including bats and chimpanzees in countries as far afield as Tanzania, Ivory Coast and New Zealand.
Her interest in health grew whilst working in Africa and led to her studying for an MA in overseas development with particular emphasis on the health implications of forced mass displacement.
Nadia joined the Centre for Ageing and Mental Health in May 2006 as a research officer and is involved in a project to evaluate the reconfiguration of Mental Health services in Sandwell.

Eric Swanepoel (PhD 1994-1998)
Novelist, Edinburgh

Buy his computer ager book at amazon. See if you can spot the people from the University in it.

Eric also published a book in 2006 under the name Josh Artmaier. It is called

Pet hates: the shocking truth about pets and vets.

In case, like me, you didn't spot it, Josh Artmaier is an anagram of James Herriot. Eric actually wrote this book before the computer ager but struggled to get it published.

Click here to see a video of Eric describing the book and his motivations for writing it. It is available from AMAZON here.

In April 2009 he edited a book called

I LOST MY JOB AND I LIKED IT: 30-Day Law-Of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker (Juicy Living Series) (Paperback) by Lilou Mace

Eric has a blog you can read.

Ian Wallis (PDRA 1993-1996)
Research fellow, Australian National University, Faculty of Science, School of Botany and Zoology, Canberra, Australia

Sara Frears (PhD 1993-1997)

Kate Cole (PhD 1994-1998)
Coastal Biodiversity Officer
Transport & Environment Department
East Sussex County Council
County Hall
St Anne's Crescent
Lewes BN7 1UE

Liz Balharry (MSc 1994-1996)
Project co-ordinator : wild boar in Glen Affric project

Diane Jackson (Hons 1994, RA 1994, PhD 1994-1998)
Research Scientist, Vascular Health programme – public health nutrition, Rowett Research Institute, Bucksburn, Aberdeen. AB21 9SB

Maria Johnson (Hons 1994, PhD 1995-1998)
Research Associate, Clinical Nutrition Research Center, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Winston Lancaster (PDRA 1995-1998)
Assistant Professor Department of Biological Sciences
California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street Sacramento, CA 95819-6077

Susan Thomson (Hons 1995, RA 1995-1996, PhD 1996-1999)

Sally Ward (PDRA 1996-1999) Research Scientist, University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK
SNH area officer Caithness

A news article on Sally's work on the Scottish primrose can be found here 

Ian Mitchell (Temporary Lecturer 1998-1999)
Seabird 2000 co-ordinator
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Dunnett House, 7 Thistle Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1UZ, UK
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 655704
Fax: +44 (0)1224-621488
The results of Seabird 2000 are presented in Seabird Populations of Britain and Ireland l launched on 2 April 2004 The book is published by T & AD Poyser, an imprint of A&C Black, ISBN 0-7136-6901-2.

For ordering, enquiries should be made to: MDL, Houndsmill, Basingstoke RG21 6XS,   telephone: 01256 302692, email

Carol Sparling (Hons 1998, MSc 1998-1999)
Post doctoral Research Fellow
Sea Mammal Research Unit
Gatty Marine Laboratory
University of St Andrews
KY16 8LB
Web site:

Rob McAllen  (Temporary lecturer 2000-2001)
College Lecturer and Lough Hyne Research Coordinator
Department of Zoology, Ecology and Plant Science
University College Cork
Enterprise Centre
Distillery Fields
North Mall

Nicola Goodship (MSc 2000-2002)
PhD student – University of Cardiff.

Jane McLaren  (PhD  1999-2003)
Research Scientist

Wendy Tidhar (nee Peacock) (PhD 1999-2003)
William and Mary College, Virgi

Sandra Hochscheid  (PhD 2000-2004)
Research scientist
Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
Villa Comunale 1, 80121Naples

Karen Reid (PhD 1999-2005)

Carolyn Haggerty (PhD 2002-2006)
Research scientist : Oncogenomics group
Alderley park
Macclesfield, Cheshire, England

Andrew Adams (PhD 2004-2007)

Postdoctoral Research fellow, Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School, Harvard, Cambridge, Mass.

Andrew now works in Terry Flier's lab at Harvard.

Kurosh Djafarian (PhD 2004-2008)

Assistant Professor, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Tehran, Iran

School: Allied Medical Sciences
Department: Health care management
Address: Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Faredanesh Alley, Qhods St, Enghelab Ave, Tehran, Iran


Zhi-jun Zhao

Royal Society Visiting Research fellow (2008)

Assistant professor. Shandong University

Professor Asha Devi

Commonwealth visiting Professor (2008)

Bangalore University

Kerry Cameron (PhD 2005-2008)

Post doctoral research fellow, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, UK

CISBAN: Centre for Integrated systems biology of Ageing in Nutrition


James Kagya-Agyemang (PhD 2005-2009)

Lindsey Furness (PhD 2005-2009)

Osei Duah Agyeman (PhD 2004-2009)

It is with great sadness that we report that Osei died shortly after returning to Africa in March 2010. Our thoughts and sympathy go to his wife Janet and their children.

Yuko Gamo (PhD 2006-2009)

Luiza Duarte (PDRA: 2005-2009)

Lina Zhang (PhD: 2007-2010)

Paula Redman (MSc: 1998 Lab manager: 2003-2010)