Miss Megan Simpson
Miss Megan Simpson

Miss Megan Simpson

Research Assistant

Lab 1.33 / Write up space 3.15. Institute of Medical Sciences
Foresterhill Campus
Ashgrove Road West
AB25 2ZD

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  • MSci Biological Sciences 
    2015 - University of Aberdeen 

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  • The suboptimal fibrinolytic response in COVID‐19 is dictated by high PAI‐1

    Whyte, C., Simpson, M., Morrow, G. B., Wallace, C., Mentzer, A. J., Knight, J. C., Shapiro, S., Curry, N., Bagot, C. N., Bagot, C. N., Watson, H., Cooper, J., Mutch, N.
    Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, vol. 20, no. 10
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • S100A8/A9 drives the formation of procoagulant platelets through GPIbα

    Colicchia, M., Schrottmaier, W. C., Perrella, G., Reyat, J. S., Begum, J., Slater, A., Price, J., Clark, J. C., Zhi, Z., Simpson, M., Bourne, J. H., Poulter, N. S., Khan, A., Nicolson, P. L., Pugh, M., Harrison, P., Iqbal, A. J., Rainger, G. E., Watson, S. P., Thomas, M. R., Mutch, N., Assinger, A., Rayes, J.
    Contributions to Journals: Articles