Dr Sharon Mitchell
Dr Sharon Mitchell

Dr Sharon Mitchell

PhD (Aberdeen University 2002)

Research Fellow



2015-date       Research Fellow, Lab Manager Energetics Research Group


Research Overview






PhD Students

2016-date Megan Simpson

2016-2020 Jazmin Mendoza “Impacts of the thermic effect of food on feeding behaviour in mice: a test of the heat dissipation limits theory”

2015-2020 Emem Udoh PhD “Impacts of Calorie Restriction on Behaviour and Post-restriction Hyperphagia”

2015-2017 Heba Althubaiti “Fruit and Vegetable Intake and its Relationship with Health Parameters in Primary School Children”


2021-2022 Master of Science by Research Daniel Phillips “Bioinformatic Characterisation of Alternative Splicing in Three Different Tissues of Male C57BL/6 Mice Following Short-Term Graded Calorie Restriction"

2019-2020  MSci Daniel Phillips “Remodelling of three different tissues in the male C57BL/6 mouse during short-term graded caloric restriction is caused by tissue-specific variations in cell size and number”

2018-2019  MRes Stephanie Summers "The Impact of Short-Term Graded Calorie Restriction on Melanocortin-3 receptor (MC3R) Knockout Mice"

2013-2015 MSci  Megan Simpson “The effect of maternal age on offspring susceptibility to high fat diet induced obesity and offspring expression of hypothalamic obesity related genes”.

2011-2013 MRes Dawn Graham, “The Role of Neuropeptides and their Receptors in Response to Increased Hunger, Reduced Food Intake and Reduced Body Fat Content”.

2011-2013 MRes Nicole Culbert, “Does Hunger Neuropeptide and Energy Balance Manipulation Affect Metabolic Rate and Antioxidant Activity in C57BL/6 Mice under Caloric Restriction?”

Supervisor of a number of Erasmus Funded Internships from AgroSup, Djon, France.


Teaching Responsibilities

Lab Skills in Biosciences (BI3812), co-coordinator with Cath Jones

Parasitology Field trip (BI25F3), co-coordinator with Jerry Sternberg

Supervisor for laboratory-based research projects for Honours students


Lecturer on following courses:

Environmental Physiology (ZO3513)

Principles of Animal Physiology (BI2510)

Diversity of Life 2 (BI1512)


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