Gut bacteria and ageing brains

Gut bacteria and ageing brains

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Research has investigated whether the microbiota in people with Alzheimer’s disease is different from that in healthy older people. The Ageing Gut-Brain (Ageing-GB) pilot study recruited residents from care homes in the Grampian region, and examined the microbiota compared to control groups.

The most recent data find no clear difference between groups of Alzheimer’s patients, though they were both different from the healthy individuals. Links between specific bacterial groups, and bacterial metabolites, and the presence (or absence) of Alzheimer’s disease were also identified.

Ultimately, the aim of this research is to identify specific dietary changes that could help maintain a healthy microbial composition and activity, to enhance brain function and prevent, or at least slow down, the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

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This research was conducted by Professor Alexandra Johnstone and Dr Karen Scott.

The research was funded by Scottish Government through the Strategic Research Programme to the Rowett Institute with additional funding from TENOVUS and NHS-Endowments.