We play a major role in the UK research capability in nutrition and human health and throughout our long and proud history the Institute has made a significant impact on animal health and human nutrition.

Much of our current research is sponsored by the Scottish Government and aims to address the big issues of our time, including food inequalities, food security and obesity, as well as the sustainable development of Scotland's food industry. Major programmes of food and health-related research are also funded by the EU and research councils.

As part of the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition the Institute has strengthened its ability to thrive as a global leader in nutrition research.  Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than our new, state-of-the art building, which is situated on the University’s main Health Campus at Foresterhill.  The 10,000m2 building includes a clinical investigation unit, a metabolic research facility and a body composition suite, alongside extensive state-of-the-art laboratories.

A key aspect of the facility is the specialist Human Nutrition Unit, where volunteers are able to take part in dietary trials and studies in modern and comfortable surroundings, while at the same time providing the facilities we need to undertake scientifically rigorous studies.  

We have also incorporated some of the art works and artefacts from the original Bucksburn site into our new facility.


The building is currently achieving a BREEAM Rating of ‘Outstanding’ which is the highest rating a building can achieve on this sustainability scale.

 Our main research themes

What we do:

  • Provide evidence for policy development- at both national (Scotland) and UK level
  • Support industry to gain market edge by creation of new products - especially the pharmaceutical and food industry
  • Contribute to education in nutrition and health at school, University and community levels