The Rowett has developed a well deserved reputation as a world leader in nutrition research. This began over 100 years ago, when the Institute was set up in 1913 by its founding director Dr. John Boyd Orr. Boyd Orr was the driving force behind research relating to animal and human nutrition that established the Institute as a leading centre; both in terms of scientific investigation and national policy making. Over the intervening years the Institute made considerable contributions to animal and human nutrition, many having major implications on the global marketplace and food production in particular.

 More recent work at the Institute has focused on the relationship between food, diet and human health; in particular - how to prevent disease and ill health through improved food and nutrition. Now, as part of the University of Aberdeen, the Rowett spans a broad range of disciplines, ranging from social sciences through to molecular biology. This enables the Rowett to take an interdisciplinary approach to its research, thereby providing research that underpins both Government policy on diet and health and addresses the needs of the food and drink industry. An essential part of being able to fulfil this role is the underpinning funding the Rowett receives for research from the Scottish Government, specifically from the Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Directorate.

 With constant pressure on the public purse the need to maintain a healthy population, and reduce the burden on the NHS, has never been greater. At the same time, there is a strong need for innovation to ensure that the food and drink industry remains vibrant and competitive and thereby continues to make a major contribution to the UKs economic recovery and sustainability. The need for research that combines innovation for industry with public health needs to prevent disease and improve lifelong health has, therefore, never been greater. The Rowett has fulfilled this dual role for over 100 years and it continues to do so today.

Professor Peter J. Morgan FRSE
Institute Director