Sylvia_StephenWelcome to the Human Nutrition Unit (HNU) based at The Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen. Here, we run a variety of human nutrition studies for which volunteers are needed.

The HNU was established in 1986 to provide a metabolic research facility to study the relationship between diet and health in humans. Find out what it’s like to be a volunteer watch our videos below.

Find out more about the studies currently being conducted in the Unit and how to participate - see study list below. You can apply to take part in our studies here.

Sylvia Stephen (HNU Manager)

Current studies which require volunteers

  • Time to Cook - Does time pressure influence how you cook and prepare meals?
  • Food Choices in Meat - Our short questionnaire investigates food choices relating to meat consumption.
  • The Carbs in Your Life - Which carbohydrates do you eat? Complete our online questionnaire.
  • Fruit Bar Study - Help us investigate the effect of a concentrated fruit bar on changing sugar levels in the blood
  • Fibre for Health Study -Participate in our research study to investigate the effect of a high fibre drink on gut health.
  • FAV Veg Study - Are you pregnant (30+ weeks) and have 10 minutes to spare? 
  • Berry Healthy Heart Study - Volunteer to help us find out how berries help the heart.
  • Buck Food Study - Join our study to assess the effect of a buckwheat beverage on glucose metabolism.
  • FADiets - Do food additives impact on gut and metabolic health?
  • Right Whey Study - We are looking for volunteers to study how a whey-based drink can improve your digestion.
  • Enterobiotix Study -we are looking for healthy volunteers to donate their stool to create a life changing treatment for people suffering from recurrent C.difficile infection.
  • Bean Good Study - see if broad bean hull can be used as a novel functional food 
  • Womb to WEAN - Are you interested in learning about how the foods you eat during pregnancy might affect the foods your baby prefers during infancy?
  • Shake up your AGE - Help us to find out if some processed foods can influence how you function
  • Meal Time Study- Volunteers required for a 10 week weight loss study
  • VegGI Study - We are interested in understanding the health benefits of eating vegetables.
  • Sweet Tooth - Volunteers required for a study looking at how sugar habits develop over time.

Please Note: Although we are a nutrition research unit we are unable to provide advice on diet to individuals not currently participating in any of the studies. If you are concerned about your diet, please consult your GP.