Academic Life

Academic Life

Academic Life

Every continuing or returning student must re-register at the start of each new academic year by following the steps below. 

Step 1 - Online Registration
To confirm your personal, financial and academic details (preferably, before you arrive).

Step 2 - Choose your courses  
To confirm your academic curriculum. For details on how to choose your courses, please check the MyCurriculum webpages for further information and important dates. Exchange students will choose their courses with their Go Abroad Tutor.

Step 3 - University Orientation 
Continuing students should undertake the University's Orientation programme, which acts as a reminder on all of the essential information you will need to prepare for and commence your student life.


MyCurriculum is currently open for: 

  • New January-start students to make their course selections for the 2022-23 academic year
  • Students accepted for readmission to study in January 2023
New January Start Students

Please note that before new students can access MyCurriculum, they must have completed Online Registration first. You should wait at least one hour after completing Online Registration before trying to access MyCurriculum and may wish to consult our User Guides before making your course choices in the system. 

Students Accepted for Readmission to Study in January

Students accepted for readmission to study in January 2023: 

  • Must have completed Online Registration before accessing MyCurriculum
  • Will require assistance from the Registration Support Team or their Registry Officer to make their course selections for the 2022-23 academic year
  • Received a C7 in the 2022-23 academic year which has not been overturned. 

The Student Hub Team will be available from 8:30 am to 4:30pm, Sunday to Thursday.   

Location: Building 2, Upper Floor.  

Contact Details:


Telephone: +974 44201000 

International Exchange Students

Please note that International exchange students will be assisted in making their course choices by their Go Abroad Tutor and should not make any changes in MyCurriculum themselves.

Changes to Studies

During your time at the University you may find you have to make changes to your studies. For example, you may wish to change degree programme, change from full-time to part-time study or take a break from your studies. If you are considering a change to your studies, we strongly recommend that you discuss this with the Duty Registry Officer at the Infohub for advice on degree regulations. Please do this alongside speaking to your School, Personal Tutor, or any person who is supporting you.

For some degrees (for example healthcare and education) there are special rules and restrictions, including regarding timing of withdrawal and return, for professional practice requirements and external regulatory standards.  All students should make specific enquiries with the School.

Please remember that, depending on when you withdraw within an academic year, fees may still be payable. Again, please do contact Finance as soon as possible so this can be explored.

If you still have an academic course content question to ask, after having consulted the Calendar (Degree Regulations) and Catalogue you should contact the relevant School to discuss.

Please note that at the University of Aberdeen, programme refers to the degree you are studying, for instance, Master of Arts in History, while courses are the modules you attend lectures and tutorials for.

Please submit any change of study request form via email to  

Students’ Clubs, societies, and representation

You can make the most of your student experience by joining clubs and societies, with AFG College with the University of Aberdeen offering a suitable number of clubs & societies for you to choose from. University societies are a wonderful way to enrich your university experience. You will be able to make friends outside of your programme and accommodation, as well as explore your passions and interests with other likeminded people. Societies are fun – and joining a society or club can help to boost your CV outside of the classroom. As an Aberdeen student, you could choose between:

  • Arts Club
  • Sports Club
  • Chess Society
  • Debate Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Best Bodies Club
  • Book Club 

Student events coordinator:

Neveen Taha


Telephone: +974 44201027 

Aberdeen University Students Union

Aberdeen University Students' Union is based in Aberdeen and is the University of Aberdeen’s student representative body. AUSA organizes clubs and societies and helps students to make the most of their stay at the University aside from their academic commitments.   

Aberdeen University Students' Union representatives visit the Doha campus during induction week and the Qatar Student Committee work with them to coordinate events across the University’s campuses.   

Clubs and societies are a key element of student life. At the Doha campus there are several clubs and societies. For example, the Arts and Crafts society, the Chess Club, and the Finance Society.   

Students are encouraged and supported to develop and society or club that they are interested in.  

For more information please contact Student Events


The e-newsletter is shared on alternate week to the student newsletter, with a focus on events, sports, and societies. To submit contributions to the newsletter, please email