New student and registration

New student and registration

New student and registration

Classes for most Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught courses begin during the week commencing Sunday 17 September 2023 for the first half session and Sunday 21 January 2024 for the second half session. All students are to be in registered and ready to begin their studies in person by this date.

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Important - For those who have requested an internal transfer of degree, do not attempt Online Registration until you have been notified by a Registry Officer that your transfer has been processed. 

Remember that as a returning student you will still need to: 

  • Complete Online Registration 
  • Register for your courses via MyCurriculum 

Please note: Online registration and MyCurriculum will open to you on set dates, depending upon your year and programme of study. More information on when the systems will open to you 

You will need to complete Online Registration before you can register for your courses using MyCurriculum.  There is a wait between completing Online Registration and being able to access MyCurriculum.  At busy times this can be up to 2 hours. 

Remember to check the opening dates for your year and programme of study 


New students

Information on how to become a registered student is available on the registration pages of the New Student Website.

Orientation and Induction


For new Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students in Aberdeen & Qatar:

The University’s Orientation programme consists of five parts:  

  • University of Aberdeen Orientation
  • Academic Integrity
  • Developing your Graduate Attributes
  • Understanding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Health, Safety & Cyber Security

Orientation is mandatory for all new UG and PGT students (including Qatar and Online Campuses). You will be able to access it on MyAberdeen upon completion of registration.   

Returning Students (Aberdeen & Qatar) 

All returning students are strongly encouraged to complete the Orientation programme for returners:  


The University’s Induction programme consists:  

  • Welcoming you to the programme
  • Programme expectations
  • Meet and greet your Personal Tutors and Course Coordinators
  • Career Services Introduction
  • Get to know the Student Services and University Life
  • Campus Tour
  • IT Workshop and Library Services 

Induction is an in-person session for all new UG and PGT students of AFG College with the University of Aberdeen:

  • Wednesday 13 September
  • Thursday 14 September

Q - When is the last day for registration and paying tuition?

A - Registration will close two weeks into the start of the academic semester. Further information regarding finance can be clarified by contacting the finance department at

Q - How can I get a student ID?

A - Student ID cards can be collected from the Student Hub, located on the upper floor of Villa 2.

Q - How can I upload my assignments?

A – All assessment must be uploaded via MyAberdeen blackboard.

Q - Can I change my tutorial group?

A – Every student will be allocated a tutorial group which they must attend. However, request to change a tutorial group will be considered where there may be exceptional circumstances.

Q – What is a Personal Tutor?

A - The aim of the Personal Tutor system is to provide you with a member of academic staff who will be available to you for general pastoral support and guidance throughout your studies. Details of your Personal Tutor can be found on your online student hub account.

Q - How can I contact my Course Coordinator?

A – Every Course Coordinator has a designated office hour where you can meet with them in person. Alternatively, you can contact your Course Coordinator via email.

Q - Who can I contact if I have a problem with my submission?

A – You can contact the Student Hub to sort out the issue for you. They can be contacted at

Q - I have a problem logging into my email.

A - The IT department can be contacted at to assist you with login account errors.

Q - What happens if I have to resit one of my courses?

A – All students will be given the opportunity to resit a failed course. The resit period is scheduled at the end of each academic year.

Q - Is there someone who can assist me with academic writing?

A - The university website has various online services and toolkits that are accessible to all students. The toolkits can also be found on all student access computers on campus.

Q - How can I submit my medical note?

A - Medical noted must be submitted to Attendance officer, Wellbeing officer or UG Admin depending on the situation.

Q - What is a C6/C7?

A - These are our student monitoring systems. If the Attendance Officer is concerned about your general attendance, they will insert a C6 onto your student record. Concerns might include unexplained non-attendance at consecutive two or more sessions, or failure to submit required work.

This will trigger an email from "Monitoring" to your University account. Please do not ignore these emails. Contact the Attendance Officer at as soon as you get flagged a C6.

A C7 will be added to your record if you do not respond to a C6. A C7 means that you have lost the right to attend, receive supervision, take exams or assessments or receive credits for the course. You also no longer have access to course materials available on MyAberdeen. This is referred to as the withdrawal or refusal of a Class Certificate and a C7 will appear on your record in your student record against the relevant courses. 

Q - I received a C6, what do I do now?

A – You will need to contact your Course Coordinator in order to resolve your C6 as well as copying in our Attendance Officer. For further information please contact

Q - Can I get an extension for my assignment?

A - To get an extension, you would need to speak with your course coordinator for the related course.

Q - How can I apply to graduate?

A – You will be contacted by the University of Aberdeen graduation team with instructions on how you can apply to graduate. You will be required to complete an Application to Graduate form where you will select your preferred option. For assistance you can visit or contact one of our Student Advisors at

Please see the website for more information on graduation ceremonies in Aberdeen

Q - How can I receive the graduation robe?

A - Depending on whether you have applied to attend the graduation ceremony in Aberdeen, Doha or both, you can hire/purchase through the University of Aberdeen’s supplier or you can purchase through AFG College. For more information you can visit or contact one of our Student Advisors at

Q - When will I receive my certificate?

A – If you apply to attend your graduation ceremony at the main campus in Aberdeen, that is is where you will receive your certificate. If you don’t wish to attend the ceremony in Aberdeen then we can arrange for your certificate to be sent to AFG College and will contact you when it’s ready for collection from the Student Hub.