The academic staff at the School conducts research in diverse areas of psychology.

Below is a sample of potential research topics organised by research themes. Postgraduates interested in pursuing any of these topics should contact the specific faculty member for further details about the research topic or regarding other research that the member is currently conducting.


Dr Kevin Allan

  • Memory for food and its role in healthy dietary behaviour
  • Social meta-cognition: how do we know when to trust another person's memory?

Dr Mingyuan Chu

  • Gesture and cognition
  • Gesture and social interaction
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Dr Sandie Cleland

  • Language production
  • Word recognition and attention
  • Numerical cognition
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Dr Agnieszka Konopka

Prof Louise Phillips

Dr Katharina Schnitzspahn

  • Cognitive development across the lifespan
  • Emotion and cognition interactions
  • Metacognition and strategy use
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Dr Rachel Swainson

  • The use of cognitive rules (tasks) in the control of behaviour
  • Task-switching
  • Backward inhibition (suppressing a completed task when switching to another)
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Perception and Attention

Dr Søren Andersen

  • Attentional selection of feature-conjunctions
  • Interactions of spatial and feature-based attention
  • Temporal dynamics of cued shifts of attention
  • Interactions of bottom-up stimulus properties and top-down voluntary attention on visual stimulus processing
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Dr Rama Chakravarthi

  • Behavioural and neural oscillations
  • Time perception in social interactions
  • Visual processes in the periphery
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Dr Constanze Hesse

  • Dissociations and Interactions in perception and action control
  • The role of eye movements in reaching and grasping
  • The role of attention in action control
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Dr Amelia Hunt

  • Imperfect Decisions
  • Prediction in Vision
  • Drivers of fixation behaviour
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Dr Jasna Martinovic

  • Neural oscillations during perceptual organisation
  • The role of chromatic signals in spatial vision: interactions of colour and luminance signals
  • Attentional selection of colour
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Dr Karin Pilz

  • Motion perception in healthy ageing (behavioural and EEG)
  • Individual differences in object-based attention
  • Short-term visual memories in ageing
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Prof Arash Sahraie

  • Blindsight: limits of visual processing after damaged visual pathway
  • Assessment and rehabilitation of vision loss after brain injury
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Dr Helen Saunderson

  • Experiencing art and eye movements
  • Differences between art experts and novices
  • Art in a museum/gallery context

Social Cognition

Dr Amy Irwin

  • Impact of rudeness/incivility on people at work
  • Assessment of non-technical skills in high and low risk industry
  • Factors influencing medication adherence
  • Impact of interruption or distraction on waork-based performance
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Dr Margaret Jackson

Attention and Working Memory during Social Interaction

  • Social cueing (Joint Attention) versus non-social cuing of attention
  • Social/non-social Attention-WM interactions
  • Motivation, emotion, mood
  • Individual differences (social anxiety, emotional intelligence)
  • Ageing
  • Culture
  • Eyetracking
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Prof Neil Macrae

  • Person Perception
  • Social Cognition

Dr Doug Martin

  • Stereotype formation
  • Social cue decoding across the lifespan
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Dr Lynden Miles

  • Interpersonal synchrony
  • Social perception and action

Dr Devin Ray

  • Social causes of facial recognition bias
  • Exploring the psychology of being forgotten
  • Noticing differences during person perception
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Dr Bert Timmermans

  • Gaze dynamics as predictors of social judgment
  • The role of social reward in skill learning
  • Gaze contingencies as communication
  • Social cognition in interaction versus observation
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