Dr Søren Andersen
  • Attentional selection of feature-conjunctions
  • Interactions of spatial and feature-based attention
  • Temporal dynamics of cued shifts of attention
  • Interactions of bottom-up stimulus properties and top-down voluntary attention on visual stimulus processing
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Dr Rama Chakravarthi
  • Behavioural and neural oscillations
  • Time perception in social interactions
  • Visual processes in the periphery
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Dr Constanze Hesse
  • Dissociations and Interactions in perception and action control
  • The role of eye movements in reaching and grasping
  • The role of attention in action control
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Dr Amelia Hunt
  • Imperfect Decisions
  • Prediction in Vision
  • Drivers of fixation behaviour
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Dr Tobias Katus
  • Neural mechanisms of tactile, visual and multisensory working memory
  • Precision of visual working memory
  • Attentional selection in tactile perception and multisensory processing
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Dr Mauro Manassi
  • Object recognition in context
  • Perceptual stability
  • Lifelong perceptual adaptation
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Dr Jasna Martinovic
  • Neural oscillations during perceptual organisation
  • The role of chromatic signals in spatial vision: interactions of colour and luminance signals
  • Attentional selection of colour
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Professor Arash Sahraie
  • Blindsight: limits of visual processing after damaged visual pathway
  • Assessment and rehabilitation of vision loss after brain injury
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