Dr Kevin Allan
  • Memory for food and its role in healthy dietary behaviour
  • Social meta-cognition: how do we know when to trust another person's memory?
Professor Patric Bach
  • Predictive social perception
  • Visual perspective taking
  • Planning and control of intentional action
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Dr Mingyuan Chu
  • Gesture and cognition
  • Gesture and social interaction
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Dr Sandie Cleland
  • Language production
  • Word recognition and attention
  • Numerical cognition
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Dr Agnieszka Konopka
Professor Louise Phillips
Dr Joost Rommers
  • The predictive brain
  • Consequences of language for memory
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Dr Eva Rubinova
  • Social influences on memory for repeated events
  • The impact of prior knowledge on memory for repeated events
  • The impact of similarity and frequency on memory for repeated events
  • Repeated events in autobiographical memory
  • Statements of confidence accompanying eyewitness identification decisions
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Dr Rachel Swainson
  • The use of cognitive rules (tasks) in the control of behaviour
  • Task-switching
  • Backward inhibition (suppressing a completed task when switching to another)
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