Social Cognition

Social Cognition
Dr Amy Irwin
  • Impact of rudeness/incivility on people at work
  • Assessment of non-technical skills in high and low risk industry
  • Factors influencing medication adherence
  • Impact of interruption or distraction on waork-based performance
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Dr Margaret Jackson

Attention and Working Memory during Social Interaction

  • Social cueing (Joint Attention) versus non-social cuing of attention
  • Social/non-social Attention-WM interactions
  • Motivation, emotion, mood
  • Individual differences (social anxiety, emotional intelligence)
  • Ageing
  • Culture
  • Eyetracking
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Professor Neil Macrae
  • Person Perception
  • Social Cognition
Dr Doug Martin
  • Stereotype formation
  • Social cue decoding across the lifespan
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Dr Devin Ray
  • Exploring the psychology of being forgotten or remembered
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Professor Jie Sui
  • Self and Emotion
  • Culture and Brain
  • Healthy Aging
Dr Clare Sutherland
  • Impression Formation
  • Sterotypes and Prejudice
  • Face Perception

People readily make social judgements such as attractiveness or trustworthiness from faces. In fact, these impressions can be made as quickly as 100ms. However, the field tends to focus on the cues in faces themselves. Our research aims to examine the influence of prior knowledge and associated stereotypes on these judgements. 

Dr Bert Timmermans
  • Gaze dynamics as predictors of social judgment
  • The role of social reward in skill learning
  • Gaze contingencies as communication
  • Social cognition in interaction versus observation
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