Dr Amy Irwin
  • Impact of rudeness/incivility on people at work
  • Assessment of non-technical skills in high and low risk industry
  • Factors influencing medication adherence
  • Impact of interruption or distraction on waork-based performance
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Dr Margaret Jackson

Attention and Working Memory during Social Interaction

  • Social cueing (Joint Attention) versus non-social cuing of attention
  • Social/non-social Attention-WM interactions
  • Motivation, emotion, mood
  • Individual differences (social anxiety, emotional intelligence)
  • Ageing
  • Culture
  • Eyetracking
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Professor Neil Macrae
  • Person Perception
  • Social Cognition
Dr Doug Martin
  • Stereotype formation
  • Social cue decoding across the lifespan
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Dr Devin Ray
  • Social causes of facial recognition bias
  • Exploring the psychology of being forgotten
  • Noticing differences during person perception
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Dr Bert Timmermans
  • Gaze dynamics as predictors of social judgment
  • The role of social reward in skill learning
  • Gaze contingencies as communication
  • Social cognition in interaction versus observation
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