Dr Bert Timmermans
Dr Bert Timmermans

Dr Bert Timmermans

Senior Lecturer

S9 William Guild Building
Old Aberdeen Campus
110 St. Machar Drive
AB24 2UB

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  • Higher Education Academy Fellow 
    2018 - University of Aberdeen 
  • PhD Psychology 
    2006 - Vrije Universiteit Brussel 
  • MSc Cognitive Science 
    1999 - Université Libre de Bruxelles 
  • MSc Psychology 
    1998 - Vrije Universiteit Brussel 

Memberships and Affiliations

Internal Memberships
External Memberships
  • ASSC Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
  • ESCoP European Society for Cognitive Psychology

Research Overview

  • Social cognition: social interaction, action contingencies & interaction dynamics, gaze & eye tracking, social reward, virtual avatars, social agency. Consciousness: perceptual awareness and metacognition, implicit learning, subliminal perception, agency.

Current Research

Topics & Projects

Here's some of what's currently going on or will be in the near future. Undergraduates, prospective PhD students or postdocs, please enquire — people with skills in Python, Vizard, MatLab, eye tracking, or Cross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis (CRQA) are especially welcome:

  • Social cognition in interaction versus observation
  • Social versus monetary reward in social cognition & motor learning
  • Real-time gaze-based social interaction, analysis of interaction dynamics
  • Ascriptions of self- and other-agency in social interaction
  • Subjective measures of consciousness and metacognition

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Past year's Social Cognition updates

Empirical paper — Zapata–Fonseca L, Dotov D, Fossion RYM, Froese T, Schilbach L, Vogeley K & Timmermans B (2018) Multi-scale coordination of distinctive movement patterns during embodied interaction between adults with high-functioning autism and neurotypicals.  Frontiers in Psychology, 9:2760. — showing that persons with High Functioning Autism do display different interaction and movement dynamics despite ostensibly similar task outcomes, focusing more on overall exploration than social interaction [1/2019]


Empirical paper — Zapata–Fonseca L, Froese T, Schilbach L, Vogeley K & Timmermans B (2018) Sensitivity to social contingency in adults with high-functioning autism during computer-mediated embodied interaction. Behavioral Sciences 8:22. — showing that persons with High Functioning Autism are equally apt at reacting to and identifying interpersonal dynamics as healthy controls, in an embodied minimalist virtual environment [2/2018]

Past year's Consciousness updates 


Empirical paper — Siedlecka M, Skóra Z, Paulewicz B, FijaÅ‚kowska S, Timmermans B & WierzchoÅ„ M (2018) Responses improve the accuracy of confidence judgements in memory tasksJournal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, in press — in which we show that when you first report on a memory task, this improves your metacognitive evaluation of whether you remember something or not. Draft available soon. [3/2018]

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Funding and Grants

Principal Investigator



Teaching Responsibilities


  • Level 1-3 — Psychology Methodology curriculum coordinator
  • Level 2 — PS2518 Advanced Psychology 2 - Methods & Applications (Anova)
  • Level 3 — PS3015 Methodology A [course coordinator; GLM/SPSS]
  • Level 3 — PS3522 Methodology B [course coordinator; GLM/SPSS; research project supervisor]
  • Level 3 — PS3520 Social Psychology [Social Dynamics tutorials]
  • Level 3-4 — SX3504 Consciousness [course coordinator; Behavioural Measures]
  • Level 4 — PS4019 / PS4038 Psychology Thesis [supervision]


  • MRes — PS5302 / PS5801 Basic & Advanced Research Methods for Postgraduates [R: ANOVA/Factor Analysis/Logistic regression] 
  • MRes — PS5017 Research Project for Postgraduate Students in Psychology [supervision]
  • MSc Psychological Studies — PS5903 Research Project [supervision]



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