Academic Staff

Research Staff

Research Students 

  • Rodrigo de Oliveira (Generating geographic references: doing geometry with words)
  • Stephanie Inglis (Summarising Unreliable Data)
  • Xiao Li (Automatically Expressing Quantitative Information in Text)
  • Kirsten A. Smith (Improved support for carers through technology)
  • Nirwan Sharma (The role of interface design and feedback in citizen science)
  • Rosemary Thomas (Argumentation in a digital behavior intervention for healthy eating)
  • Ebuka Ibeke (Real-time statistical modelling for business analytics from social media)
  • Biralatei Fawei (Question answering on legal text)
  • Mohamad Hardyman Barawi (Sentiment summarisation with statistical topic models)
  • Noor Fazilla Abd Yusof (Depression analysis via social media)
  • Agung Toto Wibowo (Matrix factorization methods in recommender systems)

CLAN members elsewhere

Former Colleagues

Former Staff:

  • Dr Mukta Aphale
  • Thomas Bouttaz
  • Dr James Christie
  • Dr Paula Forbes
  • Dr Feng (Felix) Gao
  • Dr Albert Gatt
  • Dr Xiwu Han
  • Prof Jim Hunter
  • Oluwaseun Iluore
  • Dr Angrosh Mandya
  • Prof Chris Mellish
  • Dr Matt Green
  • Dr Roman Kutlak
  • Dr Hien Nguyen
  • Dr Kate Pangbourne
  • Dr Artemis Parvizi
  • Dr Kapila Ponnamperuma
  • Dr Francois Portet
  • Dr Yuan Ren
  • Dr Joe Reddington
  • Dr Nava Tintarev
  • Dr Ross Turner
  • Dr Simon Wells
  • Dave Westwater

Former Research Students:

  • Daniel Braun
  • Martin Dempster
  • Paul Gault
  • Feikje Hielkema
  • Imtiaz Hussain Khan
  • Peter Kindness
  • Sitwat Langrial
  • Jing Lin
  • Donald Matheson
  • Margaret Mitchell
  • Wendy Moncur
  • Ha Trinh
  • Olga Shulayeva
  • Xantang Sun
  • JP Vargheese
  • Chris Venour
  • Jin Yu

Their contributions to our research and research publications are very much appreciated, and their departure is keenly felt by us.