Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Our research ranges from studying the theory and methodology of NLG to developing practical NLG software for real applications in the outside world.

The work takes place in a variety of forms. Most of the research is in form of large projects, over a few years and employing a number of staff, funded by outside bodies. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is the main UK organisation that supports our work.

The NLG group also has several PhD research students at any time, working closely with their supervisors on all sorts of NLG topics. The link at the left of this page gives more details of how you might become a research student in the group.

Students being taught on Computing Science degrees have to carry out project work as part of their degrees, and these projects can be in the area of NLG; follow the link at the left for more information.

Some of our past research projects have been developed in collaboration with external companies, and we can also advise industrial or commercial bodies about NLG issues; see the links at the left.


Please contact us should you decide that there is an opportunity for us to work together.

After looking at our projects (and trying our demonstrations) you will see that there has been many collaborative projects in the past.

We have collaborated with:

  • Cambridge Training and Development LTD
  • Cardiff University
  • Glasgow Science Centre
  • Grampian Society for the Blind
  • HCI Lab, University of Maryland
  • Macaulay Institute
  • NHS Lothian
  • Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
  • University of Dundee
  • University of Edinburgh
PhD Research

The NLG group includes a number of research students, some of whom work closely with one of the larger projects, and some of whom follow a separate individual project. The Research, Projects and People pages on this site provide a general idea of the types of topic that can be investigated, and the personal pages for current PhD students offer examples of what a project can be.

If you are interested in following postgraduate research within the NLG group, contact initially.

Additionally, available studentships are advertised on the Graduate School's PhD Vacancies page.

Student Projects

Students following undergraduate (BSc) or postgraduate (MSc) degrees within Computing Science have to complete a short individual project as part of the degree, supervised by a member of academic staff.

There is usually scope for projects in NLG, either specified by staff members of the group or devised by the student. Hence, students who are approaching the project phase of the degree should consider taking on a project and supervisor from the NLG group.


As the Collaboration page shows, some of the NLG group's research projects have involved close cooperation with industrial or commercial organisations.

There is also a spin-off company, Data2Text, which was created by staff within the NLG group in 2009. This company specialises in supplying practical text generation systems for specific applications.