Marine Biodiscovery

icon of MBC showing a seastarThe Marine Biodiscovery Centre was established in 2010 and its research predominantly concerns marine natural product chemistry including microbial strain isolation, genome mining, chemical isolation, and structural determination using spectroscopic methods. There are exciting projects focused on the discovery of biologically active molecules in a range of disease areas such treatments for parasitic infections, cancer, bacterial/fungal infections, and inflammation. The MBC is a £2.5 M, 400 m2 integrated facility with state-of-the-art equipment for the discovery of new products from marine bioresources as well as their synthesis and modification. It houses unique analytical facilities for structural characterisation. There are few dedicated facilities for biodiscovery worldwide and the MBC is at the vanguard of exploration of bioresources for medical and non-medical applications. The MBC co-locates synthetic chemists, medicinal chemists, natural product chemists, analytical chemists, molecular biologists and microbiologists. It incorporates work on natural products from marine invertebrates, plants, bacteria and fungi.


The Group

The Marine Biodiscovery Centre is very international and currently consists of five academic staff (Professor Marcel Jaspars, Dr Rainer Ebel, Dr Hai Deng, Dr. Laurent Trembleau and Dr Wael Houssen) and a number of postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, visiting researchers, MSc students as well as undergraduate students.Marine Biodiscovery Centre staff and researchers in the spectroscopy laboratory

                         Marine Biodiscovery Centre staff and researchers in the spectroscopy laboratory