Bookable rooms for staff and external visitors

Bookable rooms for staff and external visitors


Please use the following information to request rooms in the Sir Duncan Rice Library only.

If you require use of a room in any other University of Aberdeen building (Old Aberdeen campus) please use Outlook. Further information, including a fact sheet, can be found here.

Meeting Room Guide

In the Sir Duncan Rice Library, we have a variety of meeting and seminar rooms available for booking by both University of Aberdeen staff and for external hire.

For further information, including visual representations, please read our Meeting Room Guide.

Internal Requests

It is no longer possibIe for staff to book meeting rooms in the Sir Duncan Rice Library via Outlook. All enquiries should be sent to

Please ensure that you consult the Room Booking Information prior to submitting a booking request and attach a completed Room Request Form to your email.

Please note our meeting rooms and spaces are not available for use by students, societies, nor course coded teaching.

A current staff member must be present at all times for bookings to be classed as Internal. This person must read and follow the guidelines attached above to ensure that their booking runs as smoothly as possible. If this is not the case, your request will be treated as external and room hire charges will apply.

If surplus funds are being generated from your request, this will again be classed as external with charges applicable.

All Library room requests can only be actioned during working hours and must be completed a minimum of 72 hours (not including weekends and holidays) in advance of the date required.

Filming/Photography Requests

If you wish to use the Sir Duncan Rice Library for filming/photography purposes, we will require a Filming Request Form to be completed and sent to

If you intend to use one of our bookable rooms, please also read the Room Booking Information and send a Room Request Form (see Internal Requests).

All requests for filming/photography need to be approved by management with charges potentially applicable.

External Requests

The library is currently not open to external visitors. More information can be found here

For requests from non-University of Aberdeen staff, or ones which may require room fees to be paid, please contact Catriona Quinn at or alternatively on 01224 273866.