Rooms and their capacities

We have a variety of meeting rooms and seminar rooms available for University use and external hire.

The 7th floor of the Library offers stunning meeting room accommodation with outstanding views of the City. Accommodation available on this floor includes:

  • Meeting Room 1
  • Meeting Room 2
  • Meeting Room 3
  • Break Out Room

All of these rooms together create the Craig Suite, and can be opened up into one suite running the East side of the building.

The following accommodation is available elsewhere within the Library:

  • Seminar Room 224, located on the 2nd floor of the Library
  • Events Area, located on the Ground Floor behind the Gallery


Room Capacities

Craig Suite - Meeting Room 1 – Room 706

Seating Capacity

30 Board Room Style

55 Theatre Style (50 with catering)

Standing room for 50 (with scattered seating)


Networked pc, data projector and screen

Delivered Catering Allowed


Please note the default room set-up is board room style, if theatre style required please advise in advance 

Craig Suite - Break Out Room – Room 707

Seating Capacity

Informal Seating for 27

Standing room for 50 (with scattered seating)

Delivered Catering Allowed


Craig Suite - Meeting Room 2 - Room 711

Seating capacity

8 Board Room Style


Networked pc, data projector and screen

Delivered Catering Allowed


Craig Suite - Meeting Room 3 – Room 712

Seating Capacity

12 Board Room Style


Networked pc, data projector and screen; Video Conference (mobile)

Delivered Catering Allowed


2nd Floor Seminar Room - Room 224

Seating Capacity

Theatre Style Seating for 60 people (50 if catering required)


Networked pc, data projector and screen

Delivered Catering Allowed


GF Events Area –Behind Gallery

Seating Capacity


Standing room for 100



Networked pc and video wall

Delivered Catering Allowed


Lower Ground Floor Seminar Room - Room LG29 (Not available for External Visitors): Restricted use

Seating Capacity

20 Teaching Layout

30 Theatre Style


Networked pc, data projector and screen

Delivered Catering Allowed


  • Please note that Meeting Rooms 1, 2, 3 will be set-up as Boardroom style unless requested otherwise. Whilst Seminar Room 224 will always be set-up Theatre Style

  • Room Layout - Diagrams

Guidelines for use

For full guidelines please see our Room Booking Information.

Please note our meeting rooms and spaces are not available for use by student societies, nor course coded teaching.

A current staff member must be present at all times for bookings to be classed as Internal. This person must read and follow the guidelines attached above to ensure that their booking runs as smoothly as possible.

Useful Contact Information

Please contact with any queries you may have.

Booking form

From 22 May 2017 staff will no longer be able to book meeting rooms in The Sir Duncan Rice Library via Outlook. All enquiries regarding booking of rooms in the Library should be directed to

Please ensure that you consult the Library Room Booking Guidelines prior to submitting a booking request and attach a completed Library Room Booking Form to your request email.

All Library room requests can only be actioned during working hours.

If you would like to book an alternative room at the Library, or if you have any further queries relating to this, please email

Parking and accessibility

Parking Availability 

On street visitor parking is available on Bedford Road. Please note that parking charges do apply (these charges can be found on the local Road signs).

Disabled parking bays are available by the Special Collections Centre off of Bedford Road, and to the left of the Library bus turning circle – there is no charge for parking in these bays. Please ensure your blue badge is visible.

The car park to the south of the library on Bedford Road is available for use after 16:00 on weekdays, and all weekends free of charge. During the weekdays [10:00 – 16:00] it is for the use of University Staff and authorised permit holders only and unauthorised use during this time may result in a £60 fine.

Room Keys and Access Rights 

On arrival at the Sir Duncan Rice Library the room booker or named person responsible on the day  must sign for, and collect, a room key from the Welcome Desk.  After vacating the room, the door must be locked and key returned to the desk prior to exiting through the gates.

Library Passes 

Please attach a list of external attendees when booking your room. Any external visitors in attendance at meetings will be issued with temporary day passes to allow them to enter and exit through the security gates of the library. Advance notice will ensure that passed are ready to allocate on arrival at the Welcome Desk. Please ensure that the passes are returned at upon exiting the building.  Passes can be re-issued on re-entry to the building.

Accessibility Information 

Parking: Designated blue-badge parking bays are available by the Special Collections Centre and can be accessed from Bedford Road – Please follow the road round the building to gain access to the spaces closest to the Academic Square. There are also spaces available to the left of the Library bus turning circle, there is no charge for parking in these bays. Please ensure your blue badge is visible.

One Mobility Scooter and one manual wheelchair are available for use within the Library. These can be collected from the Welcome Desk. If you will require these facilities please notify us in advance so that we may book the relevant equipment for you.

All floors are accessible by lift.

All meeting rooms are fitted with induction loops for hearing aid users.



Other facilities

Room Temperature

Fire Alarm Information 

The fire alarm is tested every Tuesday at 9.00am. An announcement will be followed by a test of the fire alarm.

If the alarm does sound please make your way calmly to the nearest fire exit and leave the building using the stairwells in the North and South of the building.

Please congregate at the Fire Safety Point near the bottom of the Academic Plaza, and await instructions from the Fire Marshall.

Fire egress: The library has 2 fire evacuation lifts which can be used by trained staff in the event of the building being evacuated. One is located near the stairs in the North core and one near the stairs in the South core. If you are unable to use the stairs for evacuation, you should make your way to one of these lifts and use the green communication point near the lift to alert staff of your location. It would be helpful if you could let the meeting organiser know in advance if you would require assistance in the event of an evacuation.

IT Services 

The rooms are furnished with projectors and PC consoles (with the exception of the Breakout Room), these facilities can be used for undertaking presentations. The data cable that connects the laptop from this console is only long enough to stay stationed at the computer console. A longer one can be requested in advance from AV. Please advise in advance if one is required.

All the rooms have telephones which are located at the computer console points. These telephones are capable of undertaking conference calling. Similarly they can only be stationed at the computer console, unless a longer lead is requested from AV.

The projectors are controlled from behind the computer monitor on the computer console point. The two main features you should require are the On or Off buttons. The console is push button operated. When it stops flashing the unit will be operational.

It is possible to obtain Guest Log-in’s to the University computers, please ask your room booker for more information if you need one.

If you have any issues relating to IT or AV, please contact the following:

  • 3164 Audio Visual Fraser Noble
  • 2961 Audio Visual MacRobert
  • 3636 IT Helpdesk

Power Supply 

Please find a summary of the power supply in each of the Meeting Rooms below:

  • Meeting Room 1 - 1 individual wall mounted socket by the doorway, and 4 blocked floor mounted sockets by the windows
  • Meeting Room 2 - 4 blocked floor mounted sockets by the computer console
  • Meeting Room 3 - 1 individual wall mounted socket by the doorway
  • Breakout Room - 1 individual wall mounted socket on each of the pillars (2 in total)
  • Seminar Room 224 -1 individual wall mounted socket on the pillar


Should you require, we can also arrange for a limited number of flipcharts and extension cables to made available during your meeting (advance notice required).

Room Temperature 

The Library uses an air system which circulates the air through the library, this is controlled centrally by Estates. There are thermometers on the backs of each of the doors. If you experience the room is too hot or too cold, this will need to be reported through the University's Fault Reporting system and resolved by Estates.

For External visitors, please report your issue by speaking with staff at the Welcome Desk on the ground floor of The Sir Duncan Rice Library.