Prof Tina Soliman Hunter, Director

Professor Soliman Hunter is a Professor in Petroleum Law teaching and researching in the area of petroleum law (offshore), Arctic resources law and shale gas law. She has received academic qualifications in marine sediments and geology, political science, applied science, and law, completing her PhD at the University of Bergen, Norway. She has undertaken teaching and research in numerous countries including the UK, Australia, Norway, Canada, Iceland, Greece, Finland, Russia, the USA and the Philippines. Her expertise in regulating petroleum activities has been sought worldwide. Professor Soliman Hunter is currently the Leader of the multidisciplinary Consortium of Researchers and Experts in North and Arctic Marine Ecosystems Oil Contamination (CRENAME), and a visiting Professor at Tomsk State University in the Russian Federation She has published five books and over one hundred articles, book chapters and conference papers. She is currently completing a book on Russian Petroleum Law, the first of its kind in English.

Prof Roy Partain

Roy’s research explores the nexus between commercial law and sustainable development, including the liability issues arising from emergent and innovative technologies. His research focuses on sustainable corporate governance; the potential to regulate and incentivize sustainable behaviours from corporate and private actors. His research methodology draws on tools from microeconomics, law and economics, game theory, algorithmic social choice theory, and comparative law. He has advised and worked on energy and environmental research projects underwritten by ministries and research institutions in East Asia.

Prof Abbe E. L. Brown

Abbe’s main research interest is the laws relating to innovation and how they intersect with other laws relevant to addressing societal challenges. Key areas of activity are the intersection between intellectual property and climate change, and the different forms of encouraging investment and risk taking seen in intellectual law and in oil and gas regulation. Relevant research has been funded by the British Academy and by the Carnegie Trust. Abbe is @IGFTowardAccess.  

Prof John Paterson

Professor Paterson's research interests are in energy law, corporate governance and systems theory. He has supervised more than 30 PhDs to completion in these areas and has been involved in a range of international interdisciplinary projects in research, teaching, training and consultancy. 

Dr Olivia Woolley

Dr Olivia Woolley is a lecturer in energy and environmental law.  She examines how law can be used to support the growth of renewable energy consumption as part of a low-carbon energy transition in her research.  She has particular interests in offshore wind energy generation and transmission, including legal issues raised by the possibility of developing a North Sea electricity grid.  Dr Woolley also specialises in law relating to the preservation of ecosystem functionality.  Ecological Governance, a monograph setting out her thoughts on how law could be used to arrest and reverse global ecological deterioration, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2014. 

Dr Daria Shapovalova 

Dr Shapovalova main research interests are in international energy and environmental law. Her current research focuses on the regulation of risks and effects of extractive industries in the Arctic, indigenous rights, and the effectiveness of international law. Daria got her PhD from the University of Aberdeen, after completing law education in Ukraine and the Netherlands.

Dr. Eddy Lenusira Wifa

Dr.Wifa joined the Law School in 2018 as an Energy and Natural Resource Law Lecturer. His research interests include Offshore Energy Regulation, Health, Safety and Environmental Risk Governance, Decommissioning, Petroleum Governance Regimes, and Regulatory Theories. He has several publications and has equally presented in several conferences and forums. He is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the Director of the African Energy Law Forum.

Dr Mark Osa Igiehon

Dr Mark Osa Igiehon’s areas of research, teaching, training and consultancy are: energy and natural resources law and governance; law, development and good use of mineral resources; acquisitions and divestments; international investments protection and arbitration; capital projects contracting procurement and construction; decommissioning; upstream contracts; compliance and assurance.  He supervises PhDs. He has over 20 years international and multi-jurisdictional experience with international oil companies and governments. 

Dr Gloria Alvarez 


Dr Greg Gordon 


Ms Anne-Michelle Slater 

Anne-Michelle Slater is a specialist in spatial planning law: marine and terrestrial. Originally from practice, she teaches and publishes on all aspects of regulation and implementation, but with a recent focus on offshore renewable energy systems.   

She has advised Scottish Government and the Irish Marine Institute on marine spatial planning and was a member of the Royal Town PIanning Institute's Marine Spatial Planning Task Group and on Scottish Government's Sustainable Seas Task Force.  

Interdisciplinary projects include developing a process to implement marine renewable energy funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and comparing land and sea planning policies in Norway and Scotland funded by the Norwegian research council. 

Ms Mary Gilmore-Maurer 


Dr Constantinos Yiallourides 


Mr Scott Styles 


Professor Roddy Paisley 


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