IT’s your responsibility

Did you know that in most IT incidents, user error or unthinking behaviour has been a major contributing factor?

IT security is 10% technology, 90% people and processes.

The University has drawn up a set of guidelines to help remind us all of the importance of information security in every aspect of our daily work.

Find out how you can help to keep your data and our data and systems safe.

We are ALL responsible for IT Security.

The facts

head in sandSecurity breaches.

The stats. The impact. The causes. The upshot.

Are you the weakest link?

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thumbprintYour passwords.

The risks.

Think strength. Think privacy. Think smart.

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malware varmintEmail malware.

Email phishing.

Will you take the bait?

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Data & devices

locked deviceSecure environment.

Secure data.

Secure mobile devices.

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anti-virusViruses and Trojans.

Ransomware and Spyware. 

Anti-virus software - your first line of defence.

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online presenceYour online presence.

Be aware.

Is it time to manage your digital footprint?

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Quick tips
  1. NEVER reveal your username and password combination – to anyone.
    • Not even the Service Desk will ask you to reveal your password.
  2. Passwords. Make them strong; keep them safe; never share them; and change them regularly.
  3. Always lock your PC – or log off completely – whenever you leave it unattended for even a short period of time.
    • It only takes a second or two for someone to access your files.
  4. Always protect your user identity, at work and at home.
    • Don’t share access to your PC with strangers.
    • Don’t store sensitive personal information, such as bank account numbers, on your PC
    • See our fact sheet for tips on how to spot email phishing scams
  5. Always use electronic communication with care.
  6. Use anti-virus software and keep it up to date.
    • Ensure your PC is protected from viruses and malware by running anti-virus software.
  7. Be cautious when using the internet.
    • Never download files from an unknown source.
  8. Never cause offence or break the law when using University IT facilities.

For help, advice, and to report ALL IT incidents, contact IT Services on: or x3636.