We are happy to

  • help you connect your laptop to the University’s wireless network
  • offer advice on using Windows Update

Sorry, but we are unable to

  • provide hardware support, including repairs of any kind
  • assist with problems associated with serious software issues, including system crashes, e.g.
    • Windows fails to boot up, or keeps rebooting itself
    • applications fail to launch or keep crashing
    • all the icons have changed in appearance
    • the sound no longer works

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to repair personal laptops that are no longer working.

Where to get help

If your laptop is still under guarantee, contact your vendor for advice.

Otherwise, while we cannot make specific recommendations, there are local companies who may carry out repairs for you. Some of these are listed below (in no particular order) for your convenience.

Note that there will almost certainly be a charge - please check with the company before agreeing to any work being carried out.

Disclaimer: The University of Aberdeen does not endorse any of the companies listed above, or their services. You are advised to contact a company before taking your laptop to their premises.