Students with Disabilities

Students with Disabilities

Classroom PCs

All classroom PCs have assistive technology software and utilities to help users with issues such as visual impairment or dyslexia. Many classrooms and study places on campus include the provision of at least one height adjustable desk. To find out more,

Assistive Technology

Our dedicated Assistive Technology Advisers provide information, advice, support and training in the use of assistive technologies at the University.

We also offer Assistive Technology Booths (ATBs), These are accessible, single occupancy rooms available for use by students with disabilities, specific learning difficulties or medical condition. They provide a selection of assistive software and hardware that couldn’t practically be provided on the regular Classroom Computers.

For more about Assistive Technology at Aberdeen, including a list of the software and hardware available, details of drop-in session times, workshops, and an online booking facility for ATBs,

Further information

You’ll find further information about support for students with disabilities at the University of Aberdeen at