IT Policies

IT Policies

Conditions for using IT Facilities

Use of IT facilities at the University is governed by a set of conditions. Breach of these can lead to a withdrawal of service, or disciplinary action if the breach is more serious.

Our video (above) summarises the key points, but be sure you also read and comply with:

Illegal downloading and file sharing

One of the most common breaches of the Conditions for using IT Facilities is the illegal downloading, or file sharing or distributing (e.g. p2p), of copyrighted, obscene, or illegal material - such as music, video, films, software, computer games and books - over the University network and wireless network.

Students should be aware that:

"Breaches of these Conditions will be dealt with under the appropriate University disciplinary procedures and may, where it is alleged that the offence has occurred under any current UK or Scots law, be reported to the Police." [Conditions for using IT Facilities, section 12]

Illegal downloading and file sharing over the University networks will result in penalties. Find out more.

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