Working off-campus

Working off-campus

Want to access your H drive off campus?

As an alternative to using H drive, you may want to consider using OneDrive for Business. It’s simpler to access your files away from campus and you can still access them on campus via the classroom PC desktop. You’ll find guidance on using OneDrive for Business on Toolkit.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Use the VDI to access electronic resources (e.g. electronic journals and library catalogues) and software including MS Office when working off campus on your personal device (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android). You can also use it to access your H drive. 

You can access the VDI in two ways: via your web browser or by installing the VMWare Horizon client on your computer.

Note: The number of users who can log into VDI at any one time limited. The VDI will prompt you if there are no virtual desktops available; you can try connecting again later. You will be automatically logged out of the VDI after 30 minutes of inactivity. You'll see a warning 5 minutes before you are logged out. Please ensure you save your work regularly.

Access library resources

Most e-resources such as e-journals and e-books can be accessed using the Library's resource discovery tool, Primo. These resources will typically prompt you to log in using Shibboleth.

To access the small number of e-resources that are not available via Primo, please see the Library's guide Accessing Electronic Information.


The email and calendaring service for registered undergraduate and taught postgraduate students is Outlook Web App (OWA), hosted by Microsoft Office 365.

You can access your University email both on and off campus - all you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Other Services

Other remote access services for registered students of the University:


7 tips to help you choose the right broadband deal

Researched for the University of Aberdeen by Ofcom Accredited site

Unless you’re living in University of Aberdeen halls you’ll almost certainly want to get broadband in your student home.

Broadband is a big purchase and you really need to do your homework before you buy. To help you make the right decision we’ve broken down the top 7 things you need to consider before buying broadband – see our guide in Toolkit for more.

Compare student broadband deals

While most broadband suppliers only offer 12 to 24 month contracts, there are some that offer shorter contracts. The independent and unbiased price comparison sites listed below publish guidance specifically for students: