Your IT Account

When you receive your acceptance letter from the University of Aberdeen, you are asked to register immediately for your University IT account and email account

On registering:

  • You will be allocated a personal username and password.
  • Your username will be in the format u99jb19 (undergraduate) or t99jb19 (taught postgraduate), or r99js19 (research postgraduate).
  • You’ll retain the same username throughout your time at University, but you should change your password at the start of each academic year.

Note: Keep your password secret. It protects your files and print budget from unauthorised access. You should change it regularly using the Password Reset service. You are also required to set up Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your University IT account. See Passwords and Password Management and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) below.


You will use your username and password to access:

IT Account Security

Passwords and Password Management

The Password Reset service is a feature of Microsoft Authentication. It allows you to reset or change your University IT Account password yourself - for example if you forget  it, or if you think your IT account has been compromised - and across all University logins.

You can do so at any time and from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

You'll need to register for the service first! 

  • Find out how to register for Password Reset and how to use the service in our Toolkit guide.

When you should change your password

You should always change your password if:

  • You suspect or believe that it has been compromised.
  • You suspect or believe that it has been exposed electronically, e.g. transmitted over a public network in plain text.
  • You suspect or believe that onlookers (including friends) may have seen you typing it.
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

The University has implemented Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) on all student and staff University IT accounts. 

You will be required to set up Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your University IT account on registration.

MFA is an approach to online security that requires you to provide more than one type of authentication for a login or other transaction. You may already be familiar with authentication as is used on a regular basis for many online transactions such as banking, shopping, or PayPal.

Find out how to set up MFA on our Toolkit Resource.