Dr Roy Soiza

Dr Roy Soiza

Honorary Clinical Reader

Dr Roy Soiza
Dr Roy Soiza

Contact Details

The University of Aberdeen c/o Ageing Clinical & Experimental Research, University of Aberdeen, Room 1:128, Polwarth Building, Aberdeen AB25 2ZD United Kingdom


I graduated from Edinburgh University in 2000 and became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians in 2003. Later that year, I joined the North of Scotland training programme as a Specialist Registrar in Geriatric Medicine and General Internal Medicine. In 2006, I joined the University of Aberdeen as Clinical Lecturer in Elderly Medicine.

I was a Consultant Geriatrician with NHS Grampian from 2008 to 2018, before joining the General Medicine Department at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. I have held numerous roles in postgraduate medical training, inclduing Training Programme Director for Core Medical Training and Geriatric Medicine and serving as Associate Postgraduate Dean from 2015-2017.  

I was awarded an NRS Career Research Fellowship in April 2012.


Research Interests

I am interested in all aspects of health and disease in old age. My chief interests are hyponatraemia in older people and clinical pharmacology in old age. I have also researched polypharmacy, whole body vibration exercise, vascular ageing and cognitive ageing. I run clinical trials in older people but have wide experience in epidmeiological and mechanistic studies, as well as systematic reviews.



Current Research

I am the Aberdeen Principal Investigator for the BiCARB, K-SWAY, LACE, RAINDROP and SENATOR randomised controlled trials.

I have an ongoing interest in hyponatraemia, most recently investigating the causes of hyponatraemia after head injury.

I also led Wave 4 of the Aberdeen 1936 Birth Cohort (ABC36) Study, a longitudinal cohort study of  cognitive ageing.

Research Grants

Current Grants

  • ‘An evidence synthesis suite to inform a a future randomised trial of reducing anticholinergic related harm in older adults’, PK Myint, RL Soiza et al (6 co-investigators), Dunhill Medical Trust Ref No RPGF1806\66, £99,165
  • ‘Oral iron, intravenous iron or discontinuation of therapy for older adults with treatment unresponsive iron deficiency anaemia- a pilot randomised controlled trial’, PK Myint, RL Soiza et al (7 co-investigators), CSO Grant Ref No HIPS/17/15, £283,555
  • ‘Development and clinical trials of a new Software ENgine for the Assessment & optimization of drug and non-drug Therapy in Older persons (SENATOR)’, EU FP7 Project Grant, D O’Mahony, RL Soiza et al (12 co-investigators), €5,938,947
  •  ‘Does oral sodium bicarbonate therapy improve function and quality of life in older patients with chronic kidney disease and low-grade acidosis? A multicentre randomized placebo controlled trial’ NIHR HTA Grant 10/71, MD Witham, RL Soiza et al (10 co-investigators), £1,471,735
  •  ‘Vitamin K supplementation to reduce falls in older people – a multicentre trial’ CSO Grant CZH/4/1100, MD Witham, M McMurdo, P Donnan, P Mc Namee, RL Soiza, V Cvoro, £213,493
  • ‘Assessment of association between slow muscle fibres of calf and postural integrity between elderly fallers and non fallers using MRI techniques – a proof of concept study’ NHS Grampian Endowment Fund Research Grant 14/19, PK Myint, SR Gray, J He, RL Soiza,£11,936


    Recent Grants
  • Vascular ageing and hyponatraemia, NRS Career Researcher Fellowship, £123,010
  •  ‘Association of White Matter Lesions with Endothelial Dysfunction and Postural Blood Pressure Instability (ENDOW Study)’ NHS Grampian Endowment Fund Research Grant, £16,000, GE Hoyle, RL Soiza, DJP Williams, DG Seymour, AD Murray
  • ‘Aberdeen 1936 Birth Cohort Study: Wave 4’ Development Trust Alzheimer’s Research Fund, £41,382, AD Murray, RL Soiza, LJ Whalley
  • 'Association of Postural Blood Pressure Instability with Arterial Stiffness and Endothelial Dysfunction' NHSG Endowments No. 08/26 £8,667, RL Soiza, S Saha, GE Hoyle, DJP Williams
  • ‘The role of serum urate in cognitive decline’ Tenovus Scotland Project Grant G09/20 £9,456, RL Soiza, AD Murray, L Phillips, RT Staff
  • ‘The association between plasma nitrite levels and degree of endothelial function measured by pulse wave analysis’ 50% NHSG Endowments No. 09/19 & 50% British Geriatrics Society SpR Start-up Grant - £13,704, RL Soiza, S Saha, DJP Williams, IJ Megson
  • ‘Arginine Methylation: the missing link between vascular risk and Alzheimer’s disease severity’. NHS Grampian Endowments Research Grant 11/08, £9,084 AA Mangoni, RL Soiza, D Mowat
  • ‘Can asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) predict cognitive decline?’ NHS Grampian Endowments Research Grant No 11/07, £11,789, AA Mangoni, F Thies, RL Soiza, RT Staff


Further Info

External Responsibilities

  • Consultant Physician, NHS Grampian
  • Associate Editor, Therapeutic Advances in Drug Safety 2010-, SAGE Open Medicine and SAGE Open Medical Reports 2012-
  • Editorial Board Member, American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease 2011-, BMC Health Services Research 2014-
  • Growing Older in Scotland Report, Reference Group Member
  • Reviewer, for numerous international medical journals and grant-awarding bodies including MRC, CSO, NIHR, Research Council of Norway, South African Medical Research Council and Italian Ministry of Education, Universities & Research



Other Recent Roles


  • Associate Postgraduate Dean (Medicine), NES, 1st Feb 2015 – 31st Aug 2017

  • NRS Career Research Fellow 2012-5

  • Treasurer, Scottish Society of Physicians, 2014-8

  • Executive Committee Member, Scottish Society of Physicians, 2012-8

  • Scottish Intercollegiate Guideline Network (SIGN), Delirium Guideline Development Group Member 2016-9

  • Chair, Organising Committee, RCPE Geriatric Medicine Symposium 2019

  • Faculty Member, Faculty Development Alliance (formerly SCOTS Supervisor Training Courses), 2010-7

  • Electives Adviser, University of Aberdeen Medical School, 2010-8

  • Training Programme Director, North of Scotland Deanery

    Core Medical Training                        2010-3

    Geriatric Medicine                              2011-5

  • Educational Supervisor, Foundation Programme, GP and Specialty Registrars, 2008-

  • Chair, Medical Specialties Training Committee, North of Scotland Deanery 2013-2015

  • Member, RCP/BGS Geriatric Medicine Specialty Certificate Exam (SCE) Question Writing Group, 2009-14

  • Advisory Board Member, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (UK), 2010-12

  • External Examiner, MSc (Hons) research theses, Dundee University and Flinders University 2012-6

  • Clinical Supervisor, Physician Associate course, University of Aberdeen 2013-5

  • ‘Hospital to Home’ National Project Advisory Group Member, Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS), 2013-6

  • Expert panellist, for a number of Delphi expert panels, e.g. for the FORTA, OPERAM and PERFECTED clinical trials



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  • SIGN Guideline Development Group 2019, SIGN 157: Risk reduction and management of delirium. Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network.
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