A comprehensive processing and sample preparation service for Electron Microscopy.

Training and assisted use can also provided.

  • High pressure freezer (Leica Empact 2/RTS)
  • Automated freeze substitution system (Leica AFS2/FSP)
  • Ultramicrotomes for TEM sectioning
  • SEM preparation equipment - Critical Point Drier, sputter coater and high vacuum coating unit
  • Watch Introduction to Electron MIcroscopy video
  • NEW -  ACEMAC Nano Scale Electron Microscopy and Analysis Facility

JEOL 1400 plus + AMT UltraVUE camera - room 1.76 ext 7441

Jeol 1400 plus TEMThe JEM-1400 Plus is JEOL’s latest Transmission Electron Microscope which builds on the original JEM-1400, currently the bestselling TEM in the UK.

It has some advanced features never seen before on this type of instrument. To help users in the biological field we have added a new low magnification range which now allows the navigation of the sample at just 10x.

This means that samples can be searched quicker for the region of interest. 



Zeiss EVO MA10 SEM & Oxford INCA X-ray microanalysis

Scanning electron microscopyScanning electron microscopy allows you to view the surface detail of your sample, at a magnification range of x20 – x50,000. Resolution is ~ 5nm in biological samples.Samples need to be dried and coated in a thin layer of gold before viewing.

room 1.69 Tel 7434