Centre for Genome-Enabled Biology and Medicine



Many bioinformatics software tools exist and are freely available. If you wish advice on selecting or using software, or want to know what software is already in use, please contact us.

The University of Aberdeen High Performance Computing Cluster, Maxwell, has many of the essential bioinformatics software for common applications such as genome assembly and annotation, differential gene expression, alignment, and variant calling, etc, pre-installed and ready to use. In addition to this, the University also has a Galaxy server for analysis of data using a graphical interface.


We recommend contacting IT if you have specific questions. However, we are happy to discuss the resources we use, some of which are available to all researchers at the University. Further information on biocomputing resources is available here.


There are a wide range of online resources for bioinformatics, ranging from genome browsers to online training courses. Links to some useful sites are provided below. 

Additionally, CGEBM run a range of internal bioinformatics training workshops. For more details see Training