In-Vivo MS FX PRONew technology in the field of pre-clinical research with In-Vivo MS FX PRO from Bruker.

This Insttument allows scientists to perform their research under a physiological environment.

One system Powerful Multispectral In vivo Imaging modality includes:

  • Fluorescence (multi-wavelength)
  • Radioisotopic (SPECT and PET)
  • High resolution X-ray imaging
  • Luminescence
  • 360 degree imaging (MARS)

Broadest range of imaging applications in vivo:

  • Tumor and stem cell tracking
  • Luminescence imaging of inflammation
  • Imaging of PET/SPECT probes with Radioisotopic Imaging (DRI)
  • Tracking and validating single or multimodal nanoparticles
  • Imaging and validating new probes and biomarker
  • Non-invasively image changes in signaling cascades
  • Discover biochemical pathways of therapeutics
  • Quantify changes in bone and soft tissue phenotype
  • High throughput pharmacodynamic studies
  • Imaging protein blots

For more information: Download the In-Vivo MS FX PRO Flyer (pdf)