Becton Dickinson LSR II Research Flow Cytometer

This system is designed for ease of use with the power to analyse up to 13 colour system. Digital electronics enable the LSR II to acquire and process events at a rate of more than 20,000 events per second, and provides vastly increased channel resolution and sensitivity over analogue cytometers. Another advantage is that laser voltages can be optimised to separate dim populations from negative populations. Faster digital processing also eliminates electronic dead time allowing more precise fluorescence measurements with improved linearity and

Compensation. Alignment free 355nm, 405nm, 488nm and 640nm lasers; provides stability and user-friendly technology. This instrument is multi-user operated (following training) and will provide support for the most complex protocols. This system is a fast, ideal for the analysis of rare events requiring large cell throughput. It also has the ability to monitor calcium.



Fully configurable with 6 channels from the Argon Laser, 3 from the HeNe, 2 from the Violet or 2 from the UV this ensures that even complex protocols and fluorochromes can be used. Multi parameter thresholding is possible as a result of the advanced electronics which further enhances the versatility of the instrument.

An automated high throughput sampler (HTS) is available for experiments requiring screening of large numbers of sample tubes.

Current optical layout and example fluorochromes