BD FACSArrayThe BD FACSArray is a 2 laser 4 colour bioanalyser. The system is capable of both multiplexed bead and cellular assays using a 96-well plate, making it possible to analyse smaller sample volumes at acquisition rates of up to 15 000 events per second. The system has a 532nm green laser allowing 2 colours detection (585/42 and 685LP filters) and a 635 nm red laser that enables 2 colours detection (660/20 and 780/60 filters). FACSArray is especially convenient for high throughput screening and high-content analysis of cells and proteins in cell biology, immunology and drug discovery. The machine is capable of detecting up to 6 parameters, FSC, SSC and 4 colours simultaneously.

The following (and similar) fluorochromes can be used:

  • Green: PerCPCy5.5, PE and PE-Cy7
  • Red: APC, APC-Cy7

FACSArray is great for walk-away sample acquisition and batch analysis, which can save you lot of time. This means once the setup is done and sample acquisition started, you can leave do something else or enjoy a well deserved break. You can come back later to collect your data. The acquisition of a full plate can take from 35 to 90 min, depending on cell concentration and the number of cells saved per sample.